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Learn Hindi: Hindi Language Course


"Learn Hindi much faster than with conventional learning methods"

This course is different from other language courses:
  • In three months learn basic Hindi vocabulary and achieve that Level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference.
  • The learning time is only approx. 15 to 20 minutes a day.
  • All of the exercises will be yours exactly specified every dayin order to achieve the highest possible efficiency in learning.
  • The course does not require any prior installation, is particularly user-friendly and therefore even for laypeople easy to use.
  • Offer effective learning methods tailored to each learner type enormous learning fun.

Learning methods:

Through the unique long-term memory learning method you will be comfortable within a very short time Learn hindi and be able to converse fluently in Hindi.
Varied Daily tasks and a huge range of learning methods will motivate you to keep learning every day.
In the Sprachlernen24 insider learning community you can exchange ideas with other learners and new friendships with like-minded people shut down.


  • With the Hindi basic course you will suit yourself one Basic vocabulary of over 1300 words at.
  • Through countless Dialogue texts and idioms learn the words in theirs thematic context and in full sentences.
  • All vocabulary and texts were recorded by native Hindi speakers in the recording studio: this is how you learn one from the start clear, accent-free pronunciation and correct intonation.
  • A detailed grammar, for which you receive new exercises every day, completes your knowledge of the language.


Multimedia software:

  • Latest version: The Hindi basic course was Completely revised in 2013.
  • Already over 360,000 language courses sold.
  • ISBN 978-3-86725-311-6.
  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS X.


The unique learning methods of the Hindi basic course:

The core of this Hindi course consists on the one hand of the Long-term memory learning method, on the other hand from special Daily taskswith which you receive a daily, precisely coordinated learning workload.
In the Sprachlernen24-Insider-Lerngemeinschaft you can also exchange ideas online with many other highly motivated learners and make new friends.

The long-term memory learning method from Sprachlernen24:

This learning method is based on the the latest findings from learning research for learning vocabulary.
Each word is queried again and again according to a precise rhythm.
  1. A new word is requested every day until you find it know right away.
  2. If you knew one word right away, this one will be the following day queried again;
  3. then after further two days;
  4. then after further four days;
  5. and for the last time after nine days.
If you have known the word every time you do this, you will become the word in your life never forget again - it is forever in your long-term memory.
(A word that you don't remember from time to time comes back to the beginning of the repetition loop.)
With this method you will learn all vocabulary of the course one after the other by.
New vocabulary is added every day so that your vocabulary increases quickly.
You can decide for yourself how you want to learn the Hindi vocabulary every day:
  • by Text inputif you want to study very thoroughly and also want to become perfect in writing
  • by Flash repetition: Simply click on whether you knew a word or not
  • or by multiple choice: With this learning method, you are presented with five, seven or ten similar words from which you have to choose the right one.

Daily tasks to learn Hindi:

In this language course are various daily tasks integrated.
Each day you will be given the following tasks:
    You will learn new vocabulary and review old vocabulary using the long-term memory learning method as described in the section above.
    Texts and Phrases:
    Every day you are presented with varied texts and phrases for everyday use. Sometimes you just have to read them, sometimes you get fill-in-the-blank with missing words or letters that you have to fill in. On another day of learning you will receive a text and then have to answer questions about understanding the text. In short, every day you will be given exciting new tasks on texts, so that you can pick up the language quickly.
    There is a very extensive Hindi grammar on this course, written by linguists and native Hindi speakers. Every day you will learn a new chapter so that you will soon be able to speak Hindi completely error-free. In addition, there are countless phrases and examples for which we present you with new, exciting and varied tasks every day.
Earn new "learning miles" every day:
You will receive so-called learning miles for all daily tasks. Whenever you have accumulated enough points, you will advance to the next level.
This is an indication of how great your knowledge of the language has already become.

The Sprachlernen24 insider learning community:

After completing a day of learning, you have the option of transferring your score online. This is possible free of charge; You do not have to register for this.
(Of course, you can also study the language course without online transmission - you do not have to be online to be able to learn)
You can use it compare with others.
Here you can see an up-to-date list of the best of all learners (all courses) who have transferred their learning status:
Leaderboard: Top 1000
You can also log into the Sprachlernen24 insider learning communityexchange with other learners and new friendships with like-minded peopleshut down.


Large number of learning methods

There are numerous other learning and testing options available to you to systematically expand your knowledge. There is the right learning method for every type of learner.
You can choose from the following learning and testing options:

Flash repetition

This is the fastest way to learn.
Display vocabulary, lines of dialogue text or exercise sentences on grammar on the screen and come up with the right solution for each.
Click on "Show Solution" and then click whether you knew the word or not. So you don't have to type anything, which saves a lot of time.
You have the option of switching between the Hindi and German display within the language selection.

multiple choice

Read or listen to parts of the dialogue texts or the vocabulary and exercises and choose the correct solution using the multiple choice procedure.
You will in it three to ten similar words are presented(the number is freely adjustable), from which you have to select the correct translation.

Learn and test by entering text

This is the most accurate way of learning:
Read or listen to parts of the dialogue texts, vocabulary and exercises.
Type in the correct translation and practice your spelling at the same time.


Here you can read through all vocabulary and texts and every single word and every single line of text with one click listen as often as you like.
You can either look at this with exciting illustrations or as plain text.
One click on the Printable version, and you can print out the current lesson or all of the lessons in the course at once, too learn without a computerto be able to.


Have the dialogue texts, vocabulary and grammar exercises presented on the screen. You can read and listen to them.
Set how much time elapses before the next word, exercise or text appears on the screen.

Learn individually

Read or listen to the dialogue texts, vocabulary and exercises.
The correct solution is displayed with one click.
For this test, you can choose the displayed language - either Hindi or German.

Hidden vocabulary and texts

Read or listen to the dialogue texts, vocabulary and exercises. Have individual text phrases either in Hindi or in German covered up and think about the solution.
You can use the mouse to uncover the correct solution - if you prefer to learn with word lists, this is the optimal learning method.


Here the vocabulary, lines of dialogue text or exercise sentences on grammar are read out to you and you have to type them in afterwards.
This exercise is especially recommended if you already speak the Hindi language well, but yours Practice your spelling even morewant.

Printable index cards

You can print out the dialogue text lines, the vocabulary and the grammar rules on index cards so that you can learn flexibly on the go. There are many print versions available for this.
You only need to do this normal paper(or thin cardboard) and a normal printer. Then all you have to do is cut out the index cards and you can use them learn without a computerwherever you want.

Digital dictionary & search

Enter a word in the search function and have it translated for you. You can view all the vocabulary as a dictionary and listen to it at any time with one click.

Fill in the blank

Here you read the texts, optionally with a German translation. In the texts various words are missingthat you need to consider.
In the texts, you can switch with one click whether the gaps should be set in the German or Hindi text.
If you are just a beginner, you can also choose that just the easy wordsshould be hidden.

Understanding of the text

Here you are presented with various texts that you can read through or listen to. Then the text fades out and you get some Questions asked about the text.
With this you will learn Understand texts and pay attention to details.

Word salad

In this exercise, the words in the lines of dialogue text are jumbled up and you need to put them in the correct order.
With this you train your Understanding of the sentence structure.

Word ending

The word is half there and you have to fill in the second half. This is recommended when it comes to certain parts of speech especially depends on the endingand you want to train them in a targeted manner.


Varied learning:

So that learning remains exciting in the long run, we have various gimmicks built for you:
Repeat the words until you can do all of the vocabulary:
In all tests, you have to enter all words correctly until you know each word straight away. Easy words usually fall out of the daily program after 2-3 repetitions, difficult words often only after 5 repetitions.
Particularly stubborn words that you do not know very often are asked more often - after all, we want you not to have forgotten them the next day!

7th repetition:
After you have learned seven new words, you will receive them again in tabular form. Since learning 7 words is the most effective number of words, you can repeat them all over again.

Points, study time and number of repetitions:
You can always see how long you have been working on a learning unit.
Oh yes, you can't cheat: only the time actually present is displayed. If you take a break for an hour in between, the clock simply stops during this time ;-)
With each word you can also see how often you have already repeated it today. Words that you knew immediately will be eliminated from this day's test, words that you do not know will be repeated until you can.
You get points for every word you know. This allows you to better compare your learning days and you can also see, for example, at what time of day you can best remember the vocabulary.

Break after 30 minutes:
Studies have shown that after half an hour of study, concentration quickly wears off. The language course therefore reminds you every 30 minutes that you should now take a break. Get up, take a short walk, drink a glass of water - after that you will be fit again for the next half an hour!
(Of course, you can also ignore the break notice and continue learning immediately.)

Varied illustration:
If you have known a word, you will see a new photo as a reward (even if you answered incorrectly, we have come up with something for you ;-))
Because only if you have fun will you learn the course to the end!

Motivational tips in between:
At regular intervals you will always receive new tips on how you can make learning even more effective - let yourself be surprised!


Vocabulary: Learn a solid basic vocabulary

The most important thing in language learning is the vocabulary.
In this course you will learn a solid basic vocabularyto be able to form and understand simple sentences.
You will learn the most important words on the following topics:
Greeting - polite idioms - numbers - learning to count - pronouns - time - in the hotel - the most important verbs - fruit - vegetables - food - transport - traveling by bus, train, plane - buying tickets - traveling by car - at the gas station - one Book a flight - at the airport - ask for directions - sightseeing - stroll through town - visit a museum - money - order and pay in a restaurant - read and understand menus - weather report - frequently used adjectives and their forms of increase - days of the week, months and seasons - sports - shopping - cooking - organizing trips - interior design - family - taking care of children - countries - crime - clothing - fashion - communication knowledge - telephoning - behavior in accidents - the human body - injuries and illnesses - in the pharmacy - animal names - school and university - entertainment - make new friends - an evening at the cinema - write a letter - orders on the internet - ha ndwerk - and much more!
In total, you will learn over 1,300 Hindi words.


Varied dialogue texts and idioms:

All vocabulary and dialogue texts were Recorded in the recording studio by native Hindi speakers.
You learn one from the start clear, accent-free pronunciation and correct intonation.
The texts and phrases were developed by linguists together with native Hindi speakers. You will learn an actually spoken language and frequently used idioms.

Content of the texts:

In 42 dialogue texts you will accompany the two main characters of the language course on vacation and in everyday life at home.
Together with them, you will experience important situations that you too can encounter on your vacation or at home with your partner. In many dialogues in your language course you will practice sentences which you can then actually use and which you can incorporate into your own conversations with native speakers.
  • Our two main characters learn yourself on vacation know. you introduce themselves to each other and tell where they come from. They are surprised to find that they both come from the same country and even live in the same city.
  • The two decide to do something together. Since they are staying in the same hotel, it is a good idea to meet for meals. Learn what words to use when breakfast needs and how to dinner the Menu read.
  • On vacation, however, you can do more than just eat together: one City tour and a Stroll in the city center are a great vacation experience. And if you can no longer find your way in the strange city, then asks you just someone along the way. In one Coffee shop you can recover from the exertion with a cup of tea.
  • For the ride with the train a to buy a ticket to be able to do so in the local language - not an easy task!
  • On the radio the Weather forecast listen and decide which route to take.
  • A Hotel roomReservations, Order breakfast for the next day - You - like our protagonists - will be able to master these tasks well, because you have already learned the vocabulary for it.
Back from their vacation, the two protagonists will also meet more often at home.
  • But before you can invite your holiday acquaintance to dinner, you have to refill your fridge at home. With a long Shopping List armed, accompany the main characters into the Supermarket to go shopping.
  • At a Excursion at the weekend you get to know each other even better.
  • An evening together in movie theater - what a great movie!
  • Do one with the two protagonists City stroll and help with Buying clothes make the right choice.
  • The two are to Birthday party invited by a friend. But on the way to the party they are stopped: a accident has happened...
  • A visit to the Gym keeps you healthy. But which of the many offered sports do you want to exercise? The decision is difficult ...
These and many other beautiful, exciting, funny and interesting dialogues show you how to formulate simple and clear sentences in the foreign language. All texts are spoken to you by native speakers. In this way you get to know an authentic and actually spoken language right from the start and get a good feeling for the "sound" of the foreign language.
You can view the dialogue texts in German or Hindi, print them out or listen to them with a click in Hindi.
We also offer you diverse learning opportunities to the texts:
  • Learn with exciting Fill in the blankswith which you will not only expand your vocabulary, but also your knowledge of grammar!
  • Prelude mode: Have texts and vocabulary spoken to you while you sit relaxed in front of your computer and read along.
  • Learn to write: If you have already mastered the language and would like to improve your knowledge of the written language, let us dictate vocabulary and texts to you. You will quickly master correct spelling!
  • If you'd rather study without a computer, then you can anytime print out all texts.
  • All 42 texts were spoken by native Hindi speakers. You can listen to and repeat every single line as often as you like.
    You will automatically learn clear, accent-free pronunciation and correct intonation!


Audio samples

Here you will find some audio samples of the texts.
(The page opens in a new window.)


Learn Hindi Grammar:

Build yourself a solid basic knowledge of the Hindi language by doing all of them essential grammatical phenomena learn the language systematically, comprehensibly and illustrated with many examples.
Step by step you will be using easy to understand rules familiar.
After a short time you will be able to form correct Hindi sentences.

The most important rules and exceptions are shown in a clear table, sorted by topic.
With the learning and testing methods, you can put together your own exercises in order to learn Hindi grammar intensively and systematically. With the numerous example sentences with useful expressions you have the opportunity not only to deepen your knowledge of grammar, but also to expand your vocabulary.


Here are some grammars to view.
(The page opens in a new window.)


Additional software for your smartphone (Android and Windows Mobile):

You will also receive a mobile version of the language course.
Simply copy this to your smartphone (Android and Windows Mobile):
From now on you can Learn Hindi anywhere, anytime!
In the smartphone version you will find:
  • all texts of the Hindi basic course - for reading, listening and translation
  • all vocabulary of the basic Hindi course - for reading, listening, learning and translating
  • a dictionary in which you can look up the entire vocabulary of the course
You can find these learning methods in the mobile version:
  • With the Quickshow you can repeat what you have learned and practice translating.
  • During the exercise "Test!" you can even practice writing and typing the correct translation.
  • In the exercise "Flash Repetition" you can set the source language yourself:
    decide whether you want to translate from German to Hindi or from Hindi to German.
System requirements for the mobile version:
You can use the smartphone software with any smartphone with Windows Mobile version 5.0 or higher and Android version 1.0 or higher.


Comprehensive introduction to learning Hindi effectively and quickly:

You also get in your Hindi language course a comprehensive introduction to the fastest and most effective way to learn languages can:
  • How do I learn a new language?
  • What is the best way to learn vocabulary?
  • This is how you deal with the texts of the lessons
  • Repetition Techniques / Preventing Forgetting
  • Learn grammar properly with the language course CD-ROM
  • How to determine what type of learner you are
  • How to use your memory!
  • These learning methods are best for you!
  • Find your perfect way of working!
  • Power tips for faster learning
  • How to use a dictionary to meaningfully increase your vocabulary
  • This is the quickest way to get in touch with your new language
  • Your training plan to print out
Would you like an example? A tip for faster language learning is the association learning method (the link will open in a new window).


Texts and vocabulary read aloud:

All vocabulary and texts were recorded by native Hindi speakers. Every single one of the 1300 words as well as every single text line of the 42 dialogue texts can be listened to individually and repeated as often as you like.
In the learning and test options, vocabulary and lines of text are also played automatically if you choose this.
This is how you learn clear, accent-free pronunciation and correct intonation!


System requirements:

The software works under Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), under Mac OS X and under Linux.
Order the Hindi language course conveniently using the online form below!


Optionally you get:

You can order the following products in addition to the Hindi language course CD-ROM:
  • the Basic course MP3 audio CD
  • the Express course
  • the dictionary

  The MP3 audio CD is the ideal addition to the language course CD-ROM and can optionally be ordered with it.
On the MP3 audio CD you will hear all 1,300 words (German / Hindi) and 42 dialogue texts on the language course CD-ROM in Hindi.
The MP3 audio CD enables flexible learning while traveling, driving or jogging. Listening to the 42 dialogue texts is particularly suitable for training the understanding of the language you have learned.
This MP3 audio CD is iPod compatible.
There are also many new learning methods on the MP3 audio CD.
You can use it to use the most popular learning methods without your computer:
  • Long term learning
    In the 'Long-term learning' folder, we have prepared playlists for you with which you can learn effectively every day - using the long-term memory method.
    This learning method is based on the principle that you have to learn each word on five different days so that it wanders into your long-term memory and is stored there forever. The break between the days roughly doubles.
  • Meditation learning
    The folder 'Meditation learning' has the same structure as the folder 'Long-term learning'. The actual learning method is identical - with one difference:
    A meditation file will be played to you at the beginning and at the end of each learning unit.
    On the first day of learning you will also receive a brief introduction to the principle and how meditation learning works.
    You will achieve a meditative state with the meditation learning method (also called 'suggestopedia' or 'super learning').
    Your brain is put into an alpha wave state. In this state you are wide awake and at the same time deeply relaxed.
  • Learn occasionally
    If you only want to study occasionally, you will find playlists in this folder that are repeated very intensively within the same learning unit - namely seven times.
    In return, they only appear in a single learning unit.
    What has been learned is repeated so much in a single day that the maximum is stuck.

 In addition, you can use the Hindi Express Course (CD-ROM + MP3 Audio CD) order at the same time.
On the Express course CD-ROM there are 450 vocabulary and idioms and multimedia learning and testing methods so that you can learn the most important things for the trip within a few days.
On the one included in the express course Express course MP3 audio CD all vocabulary and idioms in Hindi are recorded again with their German translation. Playful and in no time at all, pronunciation, intonation and vocabulary can be trained anywhere and anytime.

  You can also receive the Hindi dictionary as an option.
This contains over 2200 entries.
With a full-text search you will find vocabulary in German and Hindi in no time at all.
The dictionary works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, as well as on the Pocket PC and on smartphones.

Free Hindi demo version



Guarantee and delivery

Our return guarantee

You can use unopened (originally sealed) software at any time within 31 days Send it back to us without giving a reason and your purchase price will be refunded.
There is no return option for goods transmitted online (e.g. software for download).
The Guarantee is 24 months for all products supplied by us.


The convenient delivery

We deliver at the latest one working day after receipt of payment. You pay conveniently by bank transfer. Our terms and conditions apply.


frequently asked Questions

... to order the Hindi language course

  • How does the order work?
    Simply fill out the online order form. You will immediately receive an online invoice by email and can transfer the amount in peace.
    After we have received your payment, we will send you your products within one working day.
  • Do I also get an invoice with the VAT shown?
    Yes, you will receive a VAT invoice. This is included with your delivery.
  • How much are the shipping costs?
    The shipping costs are:
    • Within Germany: 3 euros
    • Outside of Germany:
    • Shipping within the European Union: 6 euros
    • Shipping outside the European Union (worldwide): 10 euros
    If you order several products and transfer them together, you only have to pay shipping costs once.
    If you obtain the software as a download, there are no shipping costs.
  • What does the return guarantee look like?
    You can return unopened (originally sealed) data carriers to us at any time within 31 days without giving a reason and your purchase price will be reimbursed.
  • What is the address of Online Media World?
    Our address is:
    Online Media World
    Udo Gollub
    Widenmayerstr. 18th
    80538 Munich
    VAT ID: DE185758125

... to the language course software

  • Which computers does the CD-ROM work on?
    The CD-ROM works with Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), Mac OS X and Linux.
    System requirements:
    • At least 512 MB RAM, 400 MHz
    • Optional: sound card and loudspeaker for speech output
  • Do I need any previous knowledge or do I have to install something?
    No, you just have to insert the CD-ROM and you can start immediately.
  • What are the advantages of purchasing the software by downloading it instead of on a CD?
    You can right away Download the software and don't have to wait for the post !.
    In addition, you save the shipping costs.
  • What internet connection should I have if I want to download the software instead of a CD?
    Our CDs are between 50 and 300 MB in size. You should therefore have DSL Internet access for this.
    If you dial into the Internet via a modem or ISDN, we recommend that you order the software on CD (s).

... to the Hindi language course

  • I am a total beginner. Is the language course something for me too?
    Yes, you will be quickly introduced to the new language even without any prior knowledge. The language course adapts automatically to your personal learning speed.
  • What progress will I make with the language course?
    If you study regularly, you will see progress very quickly. It is best to set a certain time every day, e.g. 20 minutes. This is much better than e.g. just 2 - 3 hours once a week.
  • How do I improve my pronunciation?
    You can listen to every word and every line of text as often as you like on the computer and repeat them. With this, you will learn a clear pronunciation in no time.
  • What reference level do I achieve with the course?
    You can achieve that with the Hindi Basic Course Level A1 + A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference (new window):
    With this basic language course, you will prepare yourself for the most common communication situations that you encounter in your personal or family environment.
    By acquiring the basic vocabulary, you will understand clearly structured sentences and, thanks to simple sentences, you can also talk and communicate in writing.

    Regarding the reference level: Since 2001 there have been Europe-wide standards with which the linguistic level of language courses can be measured. These standards from the common European framework were set by the Council of Europe in order to standardize the language reference level for language courses across national borders.
    Our language courses have been developed according to these Europe-wide guidelines.
Of course, you will learn the Indian alphabet and the Devanagari script in this language course. So that you know how to read the scriptures, read a Latin description under each word.

I have more questions about the Hindi language course!

    Please use this if you have any further questions
    Inquiry form.
    This enables us to respond to all inquiries particularly quickly.


Customer opinions

Customer opinions
... to the learning methods of the language courses

  • “I am very satisfied with your language course and I really enjoy learning with it. I like the clear structure and the many options there are to make learning easy and varied. It's really great that you can hear the language as often as you want, if you like. The possibility of printing out the vocabulary on index cards is also great. In any case, I would like to say a big thank you to the experts who developed the course !!! Learning new languages ​​is fun! "
    (Heidrun Bender)
  • “The different learning opportunities are great! They offer something for every type of learner. Above all, the ability to print out learning cards was new to me and it's awesome! It's also really easy to print, so the front and back will fit together nicely! The real situations make learning easier because sentences from everyday life motivate you to learn a language. Learning is always varied because I have so many different opportunities to teach myself the language. "
    (Stefanie Mischler)
  • “The vocabulary trainer is great! This is how learning is fun! It's great that you have to repeat the words so often until you get them right. I also think it's great that you are queried in both languages. Sometimes the way you want it. This is guaranteed to remember the words! The texts are very nicely chosen, simply taken from real life, understandable for everyone, meaningful and very useful for general use. I also think it's great that you can listen to the texts line by line or listen to the vocabulary individually as often as you want. The program is easy to use. Simply insert the CD and you're ready to go. Very nice!"
    (Melanie Döring)
  • “I particularly liked the fact that I had several options / different ways to choose from to work out a main topic. This is especially true when acquiring vocabulary. Here I can choose my personal learning style. The overview for entering some Danish letters, which because they are not available in German, cannot be found on my keyboard, is great! The grammar overview is well structured and does not require specialist knowledge, so that even beginners can work with it (examples simplify understanding). "
    (Nicole Opitz)
  • “I am completely satisfied with the product. Your delivery was quick and comprehensive (even abroad!). I particularly liked the quality of the exercises. With the purchase of the CD, I have the opportunity to personalize my learning pace and do not have to attend a course offered here in the country. Instead, I study from the comfort of my own home. You can recommend your company with a clear conscience! "
    (Renate Bartels)
  • “I think the best thing is that I can click on and listen to every word and every sentence! That was my biggest problem - the pronunciation. I also find the fill in the blank very helpful. With my first I thought it would never work and was amazed at how much I knew! I actually put more emphasis on speaking and thought that writing would be too complicated and that I don't really need it.I am now very happy to be able to speak and write the language! Many Thanks!"
    (Carén Pietrzak)
  • “What I like best is the vocabulary learning function, especially the long-term and ultra-long-term method with text entry. Spelling is also important here, not just bare vocabulary knowledge or statements. The different learning functions are also impressive. "
    (Hartmut Kallweit)

Customer opinions
... to the long-term memory learning method

  • “The long-term and ultra-long-term method for learning vocabulary impressed me in particular, as I did not expect to have the words ready on demand even after a long break. The explanation of the psychological background and the system of memory performance contributed significantly to the understanding of the learning method. "
    (Jürgen Reiner)
  • “I have been using the language course intensively for about 4 months. I find it pleasant to be able to repeat the vocabulary in the long-term method on a regular basis. I enjoy it as the program persists until the vocabulary is entered correctly. The possibility of voice output of the respective vocabulary is also great. "
    (Jenö Földi)
  • “I find the long-term learning method to save the vocabulary in the long-term memory particularly efficient. In doing so, an ambition is developed that pushes you further and further. The pages with hidden vocabulary are also very suitable for a quick overview and quick repetition. The display of the last seven incorrect entries is also very helpful in the long-term method. "
    (Lothar Beckmann)
  • “I particularly like the vocabulary training methods. Here I mainly use the ultra-long-term method. I prefer multiple choice or input. With this method I was able to build up my vocabulary quickly. The combination of the spelling and the correct pronunciation through the sound output is what I find crucial for rapid learning success. The preparation of the various lessons is good and easy to access. Here I find it particularly useful that you can have each individual sequence played to you. "
    (Sonja Nolte)
  • “On the basis of already existing, albeit almost forgotten, basic knowledge, I was able to regain access to the language in a very short time. The decisive factor here is definitely the clear, logical structure of the language course, the ability to act in the most varied of ways in the program - the success control and the long-term memory training method should be mentioned in particular. "
    (Alexander-René Grahovac)
  • “I particularly like the versatility of the learning methods and the choice of topics for the lessons and the continuous sequence. I find the exercise parts with the long-term and ultra-long-term method particularly stimulating to learn. My son (15 years old) now also enjoys learning new vocabulary with the MP3 versions and is making good progress with it. Personally, I was able to develop professionally and can apply what I have learned well. "
    (Gabriele Perrot)
  • “I was particularly positively surprised by learning in the long-term and ultra-long-term method. Since all vocabulary and dialogues were recorded by native speakers, everything sounds very realistic. All in one a well-done language course. "
    (Erwin Appold)
  • “I particularly liked the long-term memory learning method. The input on the PC is much faster than handwriting. In addition, it is "incorruptible", which means that every mistake, including accents, is registered, and the storage at the different levels enables me to effectively repeat the words as well as the texts according to the learning card principle. For me personally, language learning has become a real hobby, I don't see it as stubborn learning, but rather as a leisure activity. "
    (Angelika Heinrich)
  • “The long-term method has a great pedagogical structure. We can save the results well. We particularly like the fill in the blank. The pronunciation of the audio files is particularly clear and pure. The little lessons suit our age (around 60 years) very much. Thank you very much for this DVD. "
    (Helmut Hafner)
  • “The possibility of putting together an individual curriculum and the possibility of printing out the entire course are very positive. The variety of teaching materials is very good. When learning vocabulary according to the long-term method, you decide once for a certain daily workload, after which the process is largely automated, that is, once you start, you go through the workload. This also helps over short dry spells. And just the possibility of dividing the daily learning workload into small sections also makes this course "feasible". "
    (Klaus Liedke)
  • “I find the logical and clear structure appealing and the possibility of using the long-term method to repeat the learning success from the previous day motivates me to continue learning quickly. I have already acquired the basic course and have had very good experiences with the ultra-long-term method. The constant work of the team on the further development of the products can be seen well from the outside - that appeals to me as well, because I actually have the feeling that I am being taken seriously as a customer with suggestions for changes and improvements. I also like the grammar glossary and the lots of additional information about the country and its people. "
    (Sonja Baudisch)

Customer opinions
... to the daily tasks

  • “For me, the daily tasks are the absolute highlight of the learning software and enable me to learn in a structured manner. I can learn both the vocabulary training and the word tasks very quickly and consistently. The different types of vocabulary training and the different learning methods also convince me. Above all, the text input and the automatic verification of knowledge enable me to learn quickly and effectively. "
    (David Schartner)
  • “The day's learning program is fun because it is easy to work through and varied. I particularly like to use the ultra long time learning method, as well as the flash repetition. The processing and presentation of the grammar is also very good. With this course I can continue to learn every day and I would also like to learn other languages ​​in the same way. "
    (Beathe Lübke)
  • “I find the daily tasks that you have to work through very motivating. The online comparison with other learners also contributes to motivation. Overall, the whole product is very logical and understandable. "
    (Karl-Heinz Holmer)
  • “I can manage my learning pace well myself. I particularly like the daily tasks because they always give me the necessary pressure to learn. The different learning methods obviously also activate different areas of the brain, so that my learning is very sustainable. "
    (T. Berger)
  • “I especially liked the daily tasks, and the fact that I can always pick up where I left off thanks to the repetitions. Almost not a day goes by when I'm not sitting at the PC and at least repeating my vocabulary. I have not yet learned a hundred days and have already learned over 1000 words in long-term memory. I would like to thank you very much for this course, which gives me so much pleasure and takes me a long way. Since I found the MP3 at the beginning of the year and have been taken care of on the go, I've been completely satisfied. "
    (Ines Illig)
  • “I particularly like the daily tasks. This is a new quality of language learning. I will try to learn a new language every year. I especially like the constant encouragement and learning tips. Without the learning tips, I would surely have longer learning times and less sense of achievement. "
    (Fritz Mayr)
  • "I particularly like that the" lessons "are divided into daily tasks, but that I can also freely choose my workload independently of this. So my learning is never boring for me. I also think it's good that the speakers are obviously native speakers and that small texts are offered right from the start, which you can then work through gradually. "
    (Günter Rummel)
  • “I had no previous knowledge of this language, so I had to start from scratch. I found a quick start through the exercises in the daily tasks. The pace of learning is very variable and you can determine how fast you progress. The individual exercises are very varied, so you won't get bored either. It's great that a distinction is made between vocabulary and word problems. The huge scope of the course makes it very interesting for beginners as well as advanced learners. A clear recommendation, especially for learning vocabulary. "
    (Sven Schlimme)
  • “I particularly like the fact that you can put together daily tasks. The mix of vocabulary, word problems, grammar problems and general tasks is perfectly put together. You keep the desire to learn for a long time. You are not over- or under-challenged. The possibility of putting your own point evaluation online gives you the opportunity to compare yourself with others. This creates a kind of "competition". "
    (Claudia Sawitsch)

Customer opinions
... on the structure and content of the language courses

  • “I appreciate the systematic structure, the clarity that you can click on the title, the ability to print out what you want and the proofreading aid. In addition, the acoustic help by speaking the words and the format of the course as a disc has proven to be advantageous! The product meets my expectations! "
  • “The course has made an extremely lasting contribution to expanding my vocabulary. In my opinion, it is particularly helpful to be able to hear texts and thereby improve your own pronunciation more and more. Of course, this contributes significantly to becoming more and more confident in dealing with "native speakers". I think the methodology with which one can acquire the vocabulary is excellent. It is also fantastic training for the brain. "
    (Josef Zoderer)
  • “I particularly like the division into small, easy-to-manage learning units. I really like the fact that these are really applicable vocabulary for beginners, because I only want to learn the language for vacation use. I also find the various options for learning control very nice. Also that I can easily print out the vocabulary to study. All in all, I think this program is really very user-friendly. Even I, at least 43 years old, get along well without having to read instructions. "
    (Tobias Schluck)
  • “The lessons are very varied, it is very good that you can print everything out, especially for practicing, which is very important. As we are preparing for our departure, we were able to prepare well with these lessons. I can only recommend."
    (Ute Schubert)
  • “The short, not too difficult lessons on your course are very motivating. They encourage me to persevere, because they are really easy to master based on the self-learning principle. I think the various test options are very good. It is very pleasant to have the opportunity to listen to the word or sentence again with every exercise, so the pronunciation is much better memorized. "
    (Claudia Penzel)
  • “The language examples are suitable for everyday use and are worth learning. You can acquire relevant vocabulary within a short period of time, which then motivates you to continue learning. The voice output is also realistic, easy to understand and lets you participate in the feeling of language. "
    (Günther Losansky)
  • “I was very surprised at the large number of lessons. The lessons are not overly crammed and have just the right amount of vocabulary. The dialogue texts have been carefully selected, the basic vocabulary is really extensive. I particularly like the learning method with the index cards. The extensive grammar is also conveyed very well. "
    (Nicole Oberst)
  • "I think it's particularly good that you can work with different methods, such as covering words, multiple choice, quick show, various fill-in-the-blank, etc. and that you can set parameters, such as how many new words you want to learn or that you can influence the fill-in-the-blank . I also find it particularly important that you can always work with the tone everywhere in Arabic, since you cannot infer the pronunciation from the writing / transcription, if you are not familiar with it. I also like the positive images and texts that have an affirmative effect. I also think your support in terms of learning technology is great! And I also think the understandable grammar and culture section is great. "
    (djembeplus music studio Markus Brechbühl)
  • “What I particularly like about the DVD is that there are so many different learning methods. Because every sentence or word is also available as an audio file, I can control my correct pronunciation much better than with phonetic transcription. Wrong, unknown vocabulary is queried until it "sits". The printable index cards for studying on the go are also great. The topics of the individual lessons are from all important areas and therefore suitable for everyday use. "
    (Jasmin Grand Cross)
  • “Learning the vocabulary and sentences is done in a variety of ways. I have the feeling that I am making good progress even though there is no teacher sitting across from me. As a foreign language teacher, I am also getting to know new ways of learning. "
    (Lina Reimer)
  • “The surface of the course has been cleverly developed. Above all, the introduction and the explanation of the various possibilities to devote oneself to the course, depending on the type of learner, are very successful. The division into vocabulary part, text (understanding and context) as well as the extensive grammar part are also successful. Depending on your mood and your ability to work, you can choose what you want to do. All in all a good concept. "
    (Erik Larisch)

Customer opinions
... on general topics

  • “I am very satisfied with the language course. It is easy to use and provides information on areas that are needed abroad. Working with the vocabulary seems particularly successful to me. It seems to me that your way of dealing with language is also well suited for later age, as the pace of work is entirely up to you and the learning areas are properly adapted to the ability to think - even in old age - according to the didactics and methodology used. I found the processing with payment and shipment unproblematic and quick. I am thoroughly satisfied with your offer. "
    (Frauke Martens)
  • “I ordered the language course as a birthday present for my nephew and he is very happy with it. My nephew is 11 years old and the language course is a great support and addition to school lessons. "
    (Edith Nussbaumer)
  • “I think it's good that the program starts directly from the CD and doesn't burden the computer with entries in the registry or installation routines. dealing with the software: I am more advanced and like to refresh my knowledge. That's why I prefer the selection method, because typing in the solutions would take me too long. "
    (Klaus Mehrmann)
  • “Since I now have the opportunity to study in bed at night, I am really studying regularly. It's nice not to sit stupidly in front of a textbook, but to have someone to talk to, to hear someone talk. "
    (Kathrin Wilkens)
  • "I always have the vocabulary trainer in the car, so I can also learn a few vocabulary during the lunch break."
    (Claudia Bell)
  • “So far, the course has helped me to the extent that I already understand a lot of the language and can sometimes follow a conversation well. Now it's time to perfect the sentence order and fine-tune the pronunciation. But this should also be easy with the program. All in all, learning with the program is fun and leads to success. "
    (Costa Zivic)
  • “Even my daughter (10 years old) liked the language and is now studying hard! That is of course terrific because she learns much faster than me and it gives me an additional challenge. "
    (Else Lindner)

Customer opinions
... at the price / performance ratio

  • “What I particularly liked about the language course was the long-term and ultra-long-term learning method. In addition, the very detailed grammar part and the division of the chapters. In this way it is possible to learn certain vocabulary that you consider most important first. I'm also very satisfied with the audio files, which make it a lot easier to learn the Auspsarche ... whether driving a car or doing sports. I was also very surprised by the price ... a real hit in my opinion. Big compliment!"
    (Sascha Leismann)
  • “I particularly like the vowel belly query because the unskilled is repeated accordingly often. In addition, I don't know of any comparable offer that trains vocabulary in such a variety of ways (index cards, audio, dictation, etc.).The price-performance ratio is amazing! Otherwise you often pay more for simple audio courses. But I learn better by typing or typing the words. The short repetitions are very useful! Since I had already had good experiences with the Turkish course, I also ordered the advanced Spanish course for the basic course. "
    (Sarah Kleine)
  • "Thank you for the excellent price-performance ratio."
    (Viktor Komarek)
  • “I would like to confirm that I am very satisfied with the language course CD. The quality / price ratio is absolutely justified. The CD is easy to use, with great attention being paid to the visual as well as the acoustic. Learning here is made easy and you can quickly make noticeable progress. Highly recommended for beginners. "
    (Oswald Oberlechner)