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Matrix 4 with Keanu Reeves: The sci-fi blockbuster is clearly different from its iconic predecessors

This year Matrix 4 starts in theaters with Keanu Reeves. According to franchise newcomer Neil Patrick Harris, an unusual and intimate sequel to the sci-fi franchise awaits us.

We still don't know exactly what Matrix 4 is about. It is certain that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss will return in the science fiction sequel. But already here the question marks pile up, because based on the finale of the original trilogy, it shouldn't be that easy.

Matrix 4 stands out from the predecessors of the Sci-Fi series

Neil Patrick Harris, who dives into the world of the Matrix for the first time with Part 4, promises one extraordinary blockbusters. In an interview with Variety, he talks about the shooting with director Lana Wachowski

It didn't feel big at all because [Lana Wachowski] was in her element - it was in the moment and filmed with natural light. Sometimes we'd wait an hour for the sky to clear. Then we filmed quickly. In 30 minutes the script pages were in the box.

Many fans will associate the Matrix with digital special effects in front of green screen backdrops. In this respect, it is exciting that Neil Patrick Harris emphasizes the shooting in the open air. In early 2020, large parts of Matrix 4 were filmed in downtown San Francisco before production moved to Studio Babelsberg.

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Matrix 4: Everything about the series and the upcoming sequel

In addition, Neil Patrick Harris explains what distinguishes the creation of Matrix 4 from other blockbusters of this size.

One might think that such a blockbuster consists of 100 percent storyboards and animatics. And that it's all about ticking off attitudes. I think [Lana Wachowski] has seen this three times and I suppose they are things now in their own way want to do.

Apparently Lana Wachowski was able to take some liberties in her work process. Neil Patrick Harris points out that the Matrix 4 experience feels very intimate.

It rarely felt like we were working on something gigantic because they [the shooting] designed very intimate Has.
Neil Patrick Harris in How I Met Your Mother

Last year, Neil Patrick Harris spoke enthusiastically about the experience he had on the set of Matrix 4 and promised that Lana Wachowski's visual style would change. The first three Matrix films shine with one iconic look. We can be curious to see how this will be further developed in the sequel.

Matrix 4: Between sci-fi blockbusters and class reunions

That Lana Wachowski creates a special atmosphere on the set has been read more often in the past few months. The intimate character, which Neil Patrick Harris describes, can also be found in the list of participants. Matrix 4 looks like a big class reunion for the people of Lana Wachowski's previous Hollywood companions.

If everything goes according to plan, Matrix 4 will start on December 23, 2021 in German cinemas. An inspiring love story awaits us, according to Keanu Reeves. This also arouses curiosity and shows that we are dealing with an extraordinary sequel with Matrix 4.

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