At what temperature does the oil freeze

Freezing point oil


As far as I know, oil does not have a freezing point, but a "pour point". It cannot freeze a point in time from which it is simply no longer liquid. If you go with cooled soup / broth when you get it out of the fridge.

So you won't have found anything.

It would be interesting to know what kind of oil you mean.

Look for & quot; pour point & quot; and after the oil you mean on Google.

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We had it so special about olive oil

I know it looks weird and tw. flocculates when it's too cold

I read somewhere earlier that you can freeze pesto ... Hmm ... there is olive oil in it

I haven't gotten really smart yet

But I'll google your suggestion


Hello again,

Freezing does not mean that the oil will inevitably freeze. It simply stalls and liquefies again when it reaches room temperature.

You can freeze pesto, but after that it probably doesn't have that great taste any more. For processing in pasta sauces, or as pasta sauce, etc., it is still okay in any case.

Olive oil flocculates or flakes when it is too cold. That happens at around 10 ° C. Is a natural process and does not change the quality.

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