What does Chillout

What does Chillout Zone mean? - Translation & explanation

The term chillout zone is derived from the youth word “chill”, which means something like “rest” or “relax”. Although chillout zones are mostly used for relaxation in discos or bars, the trend has now spread to other areas as well.

Origin of the term

The word "chill" comes from English and actually means something like "cool down" or "freeze". In American, the slang word "to chill (out)" is also used for "relax", "laze", "relax" or "hang out". In the meantime the word has found its way into the German youth language, where it also stands for "relax". Accordingly, a chill-out zone is a space for relaxation and regeneration.

Different chillout zones

Chillout zones are very common in discos. In techno clubs in particular, they are used by the dancers to relax, with the sound usually being in the form of relaxation music. In chillout zones there are often sofas, armchairs, dark light, a calming atmosphere, a drinks bar and in some cases also food.

However, chillout zones are not only found in discos. In general, they are offered in places where people long for a short rest. Further classic examples are therefore bars, events, universities, ski slopes, hotels or even beaches. The latter are sometimes characterized by covered relaxation areas with their own lounges. Meanwhile, more and more cities and municipalities are waiting for relaxation with chill-out zones. Seating is provided in quiet and green places, such as in parks. These invite you to regenerate, to read, to listen to music or simply to enjoy.