Why is portal considered the best game

This article describes my personal experience with Google's Ingress game and why I stop playing it when it is arguably the best game I have ever played and it got me hooked. In a nutshell, the reasons are:

  • Ingress players are insane, and so am I. Below are numerous curious stories that actually happened that way. I don't write this down to settle accounts or postcards. I am impressed by the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and intensity that this game arouses in others and me.
  • The game is costing me too much time. I cannot and do not want to invest any further. And for me, this blog article is also a public commitment to end that.
  • Ingress is a game and therefore, by definition, pointless. Of course, that's not bad per se. But it's not attractive to me either.
  • In my opinion, the game is incompatible with the values ​​of // SEIBERT / MEDIA. If you play it right (without consultation), you can quickly be seen as an aggressive, malicious player who disregards the needs of the opposing party.
  • Ingress is dangerous when driving a car. Every Ingress player does it. And everyone knows it's irresponsible and worse than texting. I very much hope that there will be self-driving cars soon.

But to the content:

Ingress is a war game. And it's so good that some players have already forgotten the second part of the word.

Within 60 days I managed to become one of the most unpopular players of the game in Wiesbaden. At least with the blue ones. Because I belong to the Greens. There are only the blue ones or the green ones. And switching is (actually) not.

I am writing this article at half past twelve because I cannot fall asleep. And for me it is also a farewell letter. The game is simply too time-consuming, invasive, and extremely aggressive. At least if you stick to the rules.

But a few basics: Ingress is a game from Google. You play it with a smartphone on the go. There are portals everywhere to be conquered. Then you are green or blue. If a party owns several portals, these can be linked. A triangle is a check box. Of course, it's about world domination and control over my suburb or my city. Everything should be green. Or blue.

I've succumbed to good games many times. With Clash of Clans, after 10 days, I had no choice but to uninstall the app and get through the cold withdrawal. And Ingress is now facing a similar fate. However, it has lasted for 60 days. And I've probably spent over 60 hours on it. Nothing compared to real players.

They meet to “farm”. This is the name given to collecting items in the game at portals. However, this is not really a communicative process. When playing Ingress together, everyone has to look at their cell phone and interact with it most of the time.

When I was still brand new, the green parliamentary group in the city center directly attacked a teammate: “Hello, I'm Amsel1980! Anni sent me, ”he said when he stood across from me on Friedrichstrasse and we had looked at each other for a few seconds. Have you ever been approached by a complete stranger on the street? It was a bit like the Matrix movie. And it was a green agent too.

Instead of Morpheus, Wiesbaden has Anni with the Greens. This is the unofficial leader. And Amsel1980, whose name I have unfortunately forgotten and should not be mentioned here for data protection reasons, asked them to drive 20 minutes from Erbenheim to the city center and “accompany” me. What a service.

I was quite puzzled and introduced myself with “Martin”. We spent the next 2.5 hours on the Wiesbaden market square with levels. We must have switched ten sentences of real conversation. In addition to a few introductory explanations about the game details, almost the entire time we just stood next to each other and stared into our smartphones. To this day I don't know exactly what Amsel1980 was doing all the time. But after 15 minutes it has already fulfilled the purpose for me that Anni had given it. A blue player came along and flattened my portals and control panels. As a newbie, they can't stand anything and break immediately. Thanks to Amsel1980's efforts and a chat, I was able to continue playing.

"We're leveling here right now." - “Aha! Then I'll have a beer first and clean up afterwards. " - "That would be great. Thanks." The conversation between him and the Smurf probably went like this. Smurfs are called the blue players in the game. We green are the frogs. And then it was the first offense: an agreement. The blue player came to flatten my things. He let go because he was asked to. Not really game-conform. But we will see later that agreements are common in Ingress and have ultimately led to my interest in them being significantly reduced.

It is exciting that the aforementioned Amsel1980 is something of an IT department head in a company with 200 employees. An IT nerd like me who can be sent via chat from Erbenheim to the city to guard me. Little did I know at the time how crazy the blues are.

“Why do you actually spend this weekday evening from 9:30 pm to 11:30 pm with me in the city center? Earlier we almost got bullied by young people? It's not really safe here, ”I asked him towards the end. The succinct answer: "Tomorrow is free." Well.

So I was a little frog and was accepted into a chat group “Quappen Wiesbaden” by said Anni. This is where the little players are looked after. The second community frog, Ronny, then regularly supplied me with material. You actually have to farm that in a very time-consuming manner. But not as a burbot. You get the small rookie weapons thrown off as a capsule and can attack portals.

That's actually what it was all about. When I started the game (again on vacation), I was a Smurf (i.e. blue). When I came to Wiesbaden, I saw that everything is blue here. It's like being a fan at Bayern Munich. They always win anyway. But you can only change on request. And that takes time. And you have to start over when you change. I just used another Google user and started again as a green. Tada!

Nothing tada. “Not like that!” Amsel1980 informed me. “That's against the TOS!” Huh? The playing conditions of Google who invented and operate Ingress. Yes and? You can get both users blocked. It's not that bad either, I thought back then.

Back to Ronny. So now he regularly equipped me with weapons for beginners. And Tobi, a colleague from // SEIBERT / MEDIA, too. So I started shooting - on virtual portals. To the amusement of the Smurfs, who had built and secured the portals in Auringen. As a beginner, you don't do that much damage. And the blue supremacy in the east of Wiesbaden (or maliciously called "Middle East" by the frogs) just laughed. They have set their cell phones in such a way that they immediately sound the alarm if a portal is attacked. And then energy is simply recharged from a distance.

The first laughing player was rolling? Later he hated me the most and would have loved not to shake hands at a personal meeting. So at first I was ineffective and frustrated. So back to the city center and level up, so collect points. There are more powerful weapons in the next level.

And a few days later I captured my first portal for the first time using a whole arsenal of weapons. Tada! The Smurfs let me go. My portal stopped and was not flattened. Today I know that numerous Smurfs drove past it every day and would have flattened my portal again with a few shots. That was the next agreement that I didn't understand: “We'll leave your portals behind. You leave ours. "

In the next level I was able to knock down several portals in one tour. Ingress is actually a pretty cool game. It brings the IT nerds out into the fresh air. The problem with the suburban boys like me, however, is that you don't get very far on foot and therefore everyone in the suburbs is messing around with the cart and senselessly polluting the environment. So I was on the next level and had decided to take over several portals in Auringen. That worked too. There are probably twelve or 13 pieces. When there were only three or four left, I was chatted. Said roll wrote: "But let me be Stoneart." That was the name of his long-term portal. The news didn't reach me until hours later. I was in a frenzy! I had never knocked down so many protected portals. And now nothing stopped me from taking all of Auringen. The whole suburb under my control panels. The world ruler of Auringen. It was probably also this thought that made me overlook the fact that I used around 200 weapons for the said Stoneart portal. That didn't want to and didn't want to fall over. In the background, probably said roll and friends loaded the portal and swore at me.

I proudly came home and found a message from DJCutter, another player from a further suburb next door: "Can you leave my view of the Feldberg." - “Uh? What?" - “Well, that's a portal right in front of Auringen on a mountain. This is my long-term portal. " - "Long-term portal?" - "Clear. It's a badge in Ingress. You get that if you can hold a portal really long. " - "And now you want me not to flatten this so that you can get a new badge?" - “Nah. I already have all the badges. Also the ‘onyx’, which you can only get after 150 days. But the portal's birthday is in a few days. " - "Huh?" - “Well, it's going to be a year old. 365 days. That's important to me." - "Aha." At that moment I slowly began to guess what the difference between a game and Ingress is. But only partially. "Clear! I'll leave ”, was my answer and I was quite proud because I had now risen from being laughed at to being a patron.

I hadn't grown fond of roles, however. He later told me in a chat that he took it personally, that I had flattened his portal, although he had asked early on to leave it. He had me on the kieker. A frog in the blue "Middle East". Does anyone need that? None! And then still cheeky.

As a result, the blue players from the suburbs tried to convince me to switch sides. The Greens tried to dissuade me. I quickly made it clear that I was consciously green and those discussions evaporated.

I should now leave the long-term portals of all possible players standing, let me know in 1: 1 chats and even told me which ones they were. Lots of agreements. The game itself doesn't actually provide anything like that. You receive the awards because it is so difficult to keep a portal for a long time. But the statistics don't lie. And it doesn't say whether I was able to hold the portal for so long by making arrangements.

I continued to advance in the game and reached level 8. Then you can use all weapons and are nominally as strong as all other players in Ingress. By then, at the latest, no portal was actually safe from me. Tremors, you blues!

But no. They weren't trembling. They got more and more mad at me. I kept tearing down their portals. I made their control panels collapse. I was annoying. I couldn't do much. After all, there are what feels like 20 Smurfs around here. And I'm the only frog as far as Bierstadt. We started teasing each other in chat. One evening, the presumably a bit drunk players around the player “MrX” got a bit coarse and offended me in tone.

Not bad, I thought. Nobody here takes you into consideration. This is the hard school. It got a bit problematic when another player called me “homosexual”. The next day I was a “pisser” and a “fool”. After the first evening I was still impressed how seriously players, or I should probably say “fighters of the blue faction”, took that I obeyed the goal of the game and conquered portals and demolished their fields. With “Pisser”, however, I found that certain manners should also be retained in the game, and that is what I demanded. After further back and forth, the player apologized and we shelved the matter.

I wondered what I could do to curb blue domination. In the meantime, the blues had made a detour to Auringen with a raid party of ten people in two cars and protected all the portals as best as possible so that I could no longer take them. The said roll has followed me every day since then and has made sure that my portals do not last longer than a few minutes or hours. What a hassle! What an energy!

And I didn't make myself more popular. I started simply tearing down portals in the strongholds of Naurod and Kloppenheim. A no-go that even the frogs advise against. “You will draw the wrath of the other players on you! Then they won't leave any of your portals standing. " Yes hello? Isn't that so in the game, isn't it? Everyone flattens the portals of the other - except for the long-term portals. And besides the farms. Yes, but the farms support the predominance of the blues. No, the greens farm there too. But for every green there are umpteen blue ones who use the farm. No, you can't see that like that.

Ingress is addicting. So that for some people the game of war just turns into “war”. I will never forget a chat in which a green player told me after my chat with a blue player that Ingress was more than a game.

I experienced the climax of my own enthusiasm for Ingress when everything suddenly disappeared under a deep blue control panel. The corners were not easy to find. They were in the Middle East (not the one in Wiesbaden!), In Fuerteventura and in Spitzbergen. A control field that spanned the whole of Europe and was so large that it was round on the ingress map to show the curvature of the earth. This field was made possible by ULLA (Ultra Link Amp), with which you could switch very long links between portals. And with that, Europe was paralyzed in an ingress manner. Such a field is called a “bad ass field”. Because no further fields can be set up in a field.

Between 11 p.m. and 12:30 a.m., I watched a guy in Spitzbergen for 90 minutes, who tried on level 6, like I did in Auringen, to flatten the well-protected portals of the control fields, which were laid on top of each other. He got help at some point and then it worked. For me it was the highlight because two people (probably a couple) had taken a trip to the Middle East, Svalbard and Fuerteventura to set up an ingress control panel. And that wasn't planned for the long term. It felt like it happened three to four days after the ULLA came out. Please how should you organize something like that? I hear today that a new item is coming out. Then I think about what I can do with it. Then I design. Then I book three flights. And then I don't stay there long, but travel straight on to build my control panel. Awesome! And expensive. And not necessarily environmentally friendly either.

In any case, it has now become clear to me that I have invested far too much time in this game and am not ready to continue doing it. So I'll say goodbye to my blue friends in Naurod and Kloppenheim. Because on Saturday I will not be part of the fully organized “First Saturday” for beginners.

If you want to experience the madness ingress, you should open up on July 4th at 10:00 a.m. in the Café Extrablatt in Wiesbaden and of course support the green frogs. You can only vote once at the beginning of the game.

In the meantime, I will limit my activities to making myself unpopular with the Smurfs by destroying their farm. And that's it for me. Thanks google.

Oh, one more thing: Anyone who has read this far is probably just an Ingress player from Wiesbaden anyway. I can hardly imagine that our customers will hold out this far. In A4 pages we are now on page 6. 😀 These Ingress players can contact me anyway. I still have a ULLA and a red capsule. I'd better give my 20 viruses back to Tobi. These are all terribly rare items that are valuable. Uh: And the only blue players who would get my items are Roll and MrX. 😀

And here's a warning for everyone who, like myself, has grown too fond of Ingress: Google has a so-called “Toothbrush rule”. That means everything Google does has to be used at least twice a day. Otherwise it is not worthy of Google and has to be pulped.So work on your “Sojourner” badge. You get it if you hack at least one portal within 24 hours. That's at least half a toothbrush. It could of course still be that Google Ingress simply crushes. But then nobody can be mad at me.

Note: The player names have been changed.

Update at 2:59 p.m .: Changed the player name to MrX at the request of a player. My items were gone after two minutes. You can't read the article that fast, but I'm blank now.
Update at 4:42 p.m .: Changed to Anni at the request of the player Wannika.
Update on July 2nd, 2015 at 5:16 p.m.: Removed information about speculations about a player's salary levels.

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