How can I warm up my mind

Meditation to warm you up on cold days

Make yourself comfortable

As a first step, you should find a place where you are feel good and relax can. Every person is different, so you could either curl up on your favorite chaise longue, get into a calm yoga pose, or maybe even lie down. Find a position that is convenient for you. After a while, it can become quite difficult to clear your mind if your foot keeps falling asleep or a sting in your lower back distracts you.

Focus on your breathing

Once you are in your comfortable position, erase all thoughts from your head and focus on breathing. Every time your thoughts digress again (and believe us this will happen) then remember let go and return to breathing.

It's not about being completely free of thoughtsbut rather about focusing on a particular thought - in this case, breathing. This may seem a little difficult at first, but it works the same as with all aspects of health: Practice creates masters. Believe us, meditation gets easier over time.

Regular exercise

Don't expect to become a meditation expert overnight. Like any other skill it takes practice and time. Start with a few minutes and gradually increase the meditation time. While your thoughts wander more often at first, after a while it becomes easier to hold the focus longer.

Try, meditate every day - whenever you have the best time. Of course, the morning is a great time to start as your mind is cleared and you prepare for the day. Morning meditation also helps minimize your stress levels during the day. The evening is also a good option because you meditate in a relaxed manner and you get the most out of bedtime agrees. The latter option is of course perfect for those of you who have trouble falling asleep.

A warming meditation for cold winter days

Once you get the hang of basic, breath-focused meditation, you are ready for a new challenge. As the days are getting colder and we are approaching winter in great strides, one can Warming meditation makes it much easier for us to hold out up to the warmer temperatures. This is how it works: Start again with the focus on breathing and free your head so that it is ready for meditation.

Now imagine that you are in an outdoor place that you love, such as: a sandy beach or a meadow of flowers. Imagine if they did that Sun on the bare skin and the feel warm raysas you slide over your body. Do you feel the warmth flowing through your body? Whenever your thoughts wander from the warming feeling, gently guide them to the Warmth of the sun back. Stay tuned to this warm feeling - this effect causes your entire body to warm up from the inside out.