The NIT places remain free

Berlin universities : In Berlin, places remain free despite the NC

In the past winter semester, university places in Berlin universities remained free in spite of the high number of applicants. A total of 754 places in NC subjects in the Bachelor's program could not be filled, which corresponds to around five percent of the more than 14,000 places on offer in courses with restricted admission. This emerges from a response from the science administration to a request from the Green MP, Anja Schillhaneck. However, in many cases there would also be overbooking in corresponding subject-specific courses, the answer says: "On balance, the teaching units are fully utilized."

Too many multiple applications

The Senate Administration explains the vacant study places with the many multiple applications of the prospective students, who want to increase their chances of getting a place. First-year students often reject the universities again, which makes it difficult for the universities to forecast their acceptance behavior. Actually, a nationwide application portal should simplify the procedure for students and universities alike. However, the portal is not yet fully operational.

In any case, the flow of applicants to the Berlin universities has not decreased. In fact, in the 2014/15 winter semester - to which the request relates - an average of almost ten applications for a study place were received. A total of 26,282 students in their first semester started their undergraduate studies in Berlin, with the number including state and private universities. For the science administration, this is a sign of the "high attractiveness of Berlin's universities". Schillhaneck, on the other hand, criticizes the fact that the associated infrastructure, such as student housing, and the grants to universities do not grow with the number of students.

280 free places at the Humboldt University alone

And where were the study places in NC subjects now? Most of them at the Humboldt University, namely 280. 136 of them belong to the agricultural sciences. According to the HU, the cause in this area was a new entry requirement: Applicants had to prove an internship that had been completed beforehand, which many could not. The rule was then abolished again.

The Free University could not fill 102 study places, most of them belonged to the natural sciences. 193 places remained free at the Technical University, almost all of them in engineering. The Beuth University reports 75 unassigned study places, the University of Technology and Economics 81, the University of Economics and Law 15, and the Alice Salomon University 8.

The science administration points out that admission restrictions are checked again and again if places remain permanently free. How many places in NC subjects remained vacant in the current winter semester has not yet been determined. It is already clear - as reported - that at least in the teaching bachelor's degree, some places were not allocated.

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