Can an antimatter engine be created

Translation of "Antimatterie" in English

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The collider should never Antimatter create.
The collider was never intended to generate antimatter.
The Antimatter in the warp capsules has been deactivated.
The antimatter in the warp drive pods has been deactivated.
Process for converting electrical energy into Antimatter with position storage.
Procedure for transforming electrical energy to anti-matter with positron storage.
With Antimatter, destroy the church with technology.
Such a fusion reactor needs annihilation Antimatter in a focal point of a stationary ellipsoid reactor.
Such fusion reactor needs annihilation of antimatter in one focus of a stationary ellipsoid reactor.
It's a theoretical relationship between time and Antimatter.
It's never been tested. It's a theoretical relationship between time and antimatter.
The greatest amount Antimatter arises at the start.
The bulk of the antimatter is generated at start-up.
We have never had that much Antimatter pumped through the injectors.
We've never pumped this much antimatter through the injectors before.
Captain, these villi are Antimatter.
Captain, you said there are villi Antimatter.
One grain Antimatter can supply a city with electricity for a month.
One bacon of antimatter could power an entire city for a month.
We chose Delaney's Antimatter bring to.
It was our decision to take the antimatter back to Delaney.
Where there is matter and Antimatter mixes.
The amount of generated Antimatter turned out less than expected.
The antimatter we actually created to only a fraction of what we thought.
And only this energy shield consists of Antimatter.
90% of our Antimatter has been neutralized.
Not enough for the rest Antimatter to repel.
So it became Antimatter not doubled on the ships.
A contact of matter with Antimatter leads to explosion.
Any matter that comes in contact with antimatter triggers the explosion.
The pulse drive of a shuttle capsule does not use any Antimatter.
A shuttle pod impulse engine doesn't use antimatter.
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