Why is hemophilia common in men?

Frequency: How often does hemophilia occur?

Author: PD Dr. med. G. Tallen, created on: 01/10/2014, last changed: 04/01/2020

Overall, hemophilia is a rare disease. However, it is the most common severe coagulation disorder among the diseases of the blood coagulation system. There are currently around 6,000 haemophilia patients in Germany, around half of whom suffer from the severe form (haemophilia A) (see "E.rforms of disease "). Hemophilia A is about five to six times more common than hemophilia B (1: 25,000 to 1: 30,000). The bleeding tendency is somewhat less pronounced in hemophilia B. The severe form of hemophilia occurs almost exclusively in men (see causes). Mild forms of hemophilia can also be found in women who are only heterozygous and are referred to as carriers.

More precise data is collected and published by the German Haemophilia Register (DHR) at the Paul Ehrlich Institute in Langen. All haemophilia patients currently living in Germany (if they agree in writing) and their disease progression should be pseudonymized here. In this way, more precise knowledge about the disease can be obtained and the treatments can then be further optimized.

German haemophilia register

The German Hemophilia Register (DHR) collects therapy-relevant data from patients with coagulation disorders