How can we study abroad in Australia

Free University of Berlin

Program description

The Free University of Berlin is expected to have places (semester places) at the following Australian universities. Please note that there are additional costs, e.g. for health insurance, medical certificates and applying for a visa, which can be very high, especially in Australia. We ask you to inform yourself in advance.

For bachelor students:

For master’s students:


Students at Freie Universität apply for an exchange place in the Australia program in general; the preferred partner universities within the program are only ranked when the application form is filled out.

application time

For the academic year 2021/22: November 24, 2020

running time

In general, the semesters at Australian universities run from mid-July to November / December (Term II) and mid-February to June / July (Term I). More specific information can be found on the website of the respective partner university.

Students have the choice of whether to apply for one or two semesters.


1. Those who are enrolled at Freie Universität Berlin can apply for an unlimited period of time

a) Bachelor students who at the time of the application deadline i. d. Usually study in the 3rd semester

b) Master’s students who at the time of the application deadline i. d. Usually study in the 1st semester.

2. Restrictions on course selection:

The range of subjects includes those in the areas Arts and Sciences represented subjects. Please note that the choice of courses for direct exchange students at the host universities may be limited.

  1. There are no places available in medical or pharmaceutical subjects.
  2. Under certain conditions, law students can apply for the direct exchange:
  3. Clinical psychology courses are generally not available to international psychology students.
  4. Business administration or business administration is part of the separate Business schools of the partner universities, which only allow students from the direct exchange program in exceptional cases. As a rule, however, it is possible to take courses in economics.

Application documents

Please submit your application as early as possible so that questions can be clarified in good time. You are also welcome to come to the International Student Mobility Office (room 119) for a personal consultation during our office hours. In Corona times, the consultations in the office are unfortunately canceled. However, we can be reached both by phone and email.

The following documents must be received in full at the Office for International Student Mobility by the application deadline at the latest:

Online application form

This will be activated here approx. 4 weeks before the application deadline.

Certificate of enrollment

With details of the subjects and number of semesters from the current semester - you can download them from the student administration portal.

Expression from campus management

"Overview of commenced and completed module services" - you can download this in Campus Management under the "Grades & Points" tab.

Copy of the bachelor's certificate (only master's students)

The English version including the transcript of records with an overview of all modules completed in the Bachelor's degree. The copy does not have to be certified.

Tabularcurriculum vitae

In English with a passport photo (please stick or scan in each case at the top right of the CV).

Motivation letter

A detailed presentation of the study project in English on approx. 2 pages.

The following questions could serve as a guide:
What are the reasons that led you to choose your subject? Why do you want to study in Australia? Which subject would you like to study during the semester abroad? Which topic within your subject would you like to concentrate on during the semester abroad and why? What advantages does this study visit offer you for your further studies at Freie Universität? What criteria did you use to select the partner universities? Why are your first preferential universities in particular beneficial for the further course of your studies.

Letters of recommendation

One or two letters of recommendation from lecturers at Freie Universität if you are studying for a bachelor's degree or have completed your BA at Freie Universität. If you are new to the FU Berlin as a master’s student, a FU report will be waived as an exception due to the corona. External experts from FU should also fill out our form.

Please provide the reviewer with this form. The letter of recommendation should be a PDF documentbe sent directly by the lecturer to the Office for International Student Mobility. After the application process has been completed, the letter of recommendation will remain with us; a return to the applicant and forwarding to positions outside of the Free University of Berlin is i. d. Usually excluded.

Proof of language proficiency

Applicants must have a very good command of the English language, which is essential for intensive specialist studies. The exact language requirements can be found in the description of the partner university above. The language certificate may not older than two years be. The following language tests are i. A. accepted:

We only accept the official test result. Minimum number of points: Grade A (80%)

IELTS (test report form)
We only accept the official test result, which is sent directly to our office; You will also receive a copy of your own test report forms. More specific information can be found on the website of the respective partner university.

TOEFL (official score report)
We only accept the official test result, which is sent directly to our office stating the institute code of Freie Universität (C507); You will also receive one yourself examinee score report and can view your test results online. More specific information can be found on the website of the respective partner university. Further information and tips for preparation can be found here.

We recommend that you have one or more copies of the official test result sent directly to the Office for International Student Mobility, as this is still free of charge when you take the test and we can forward your result to institutions such as the DAAD later on if you wish. Since experience shows that it takes 4 weeks for the test results to reach us, we strongly recommend that you take the test as soon as possible! If you have taken one of these language tests in the last two years, please first submit a copy of the test result. Attention: Participation in the interview is not possible without a test result.

The test result should be available by the application deadline, but can be submitted no later than two weeks after the application deadline.

Please name each of the documents listed below according to the following pattern: Your surname_name of the application document and save it individually as a PDF file. All documents (with the exception of the report) should then be collected in a zip file named after your surname and sent to [email protected]

After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by email after one week at the latest. If you do not receive a confirmation, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The foreign partner universities grant students at Freie Universität the waiver of tuition fees.

There is also the option of applying for financial support from the DAAD or via PROMOS. It should be noted that the DAAD offers annual scholarships for Australia only once a year: Deadline March 31 for September / October of the same year and March / April of the following year.

Further information on financing options can be found here.

additional Information

Tuition fee waiver

The nomination at a partner university always includes the waiver of the tuition fees there; Information on possible scholarship offers can be found on the individual university pages.

Admission as a non-degree student

As part of our exchange agreements, admission as non-degree student for the duration of the fellowship. A degree from the partner university is therefore generally not possible.

Crediting of courses

The creditability of the courses taken abroad must be clarified with your own institute at Freie Universität. We recommend that you arrange this before you start your stay abroad.

Leave of absence

Students can take a leave of absence for one or two semesters to study abroad.

Timeliness of the tenders

Please note that due to the required reciprocity, the final information on the exact number of exchange places and the participating universities will not be available until autumn.

Applicants' data will be stored in accordance with the "Law on the Protection from Abuse of Personal Data During Data Processing", insofar as they are necessary to process the application or the scholarship. The documents of unsuccessful applicants will be destroyed after a reasonable period.