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Painting lettering for exhibitions

Are you wondering how a good painting lettering for an exhibition succeeds? Maybe there is some kind of code or standardized guidelines? Find out which information is essential, where the picture lettering is correctly placed in exhibitions, which accessories you need and what you can also consider for excellent lettering.

Painting lettering for exhibitions: the right information.

Our article tells you what to consider when labeling a painting for an exhibition.

Why is the painting labeling important for an exhibition?

The Lettering of an exhibition painting is now just as much a part of the picture as the picture frame. In addition, the lettering is an important form of communication with the viewer. Visitors to the exhibition really expect the picture lettering to be able to find out more about the artist, the time of creation and, above all, the Title of the painting to be able to inform. This is especially true for public exhibitions in galleries or museums.

With a labeling For many visitors, the exhibition experience is only complete. Because reading a picture title is often crucial for a personal reception and the formation of a judgment.

Perhaps you know that: you see a picture, think this or that, and after reading the title, you change the view you have already taken and the picture appears again in a different light.

Painting, frame and lettering thus form one unit.

No lettering: If artists or curators leave out the lettering on the painting, this is intentional and part of the performance. In this case, the observer should get involved in the image without any external hints, such as a linguistic formulation, and should remain on the visual level.

Painting labeling: which information is essential?

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