Why can some cars not go backwards?

Catalog of fines - reversing

In a nutshell: reversing

What is the difference between backing out and backing out?

When parking, for example, there is talk of backing up. In flowing traffic, this means driving back.

What do you have to consider when reversing?

The general duty of care applies when resetting.

Who is to blame in an accident?

When reversing, an increased duty of care applies. As a rule, the person who reversed and caused an accident is to blame.

Fines - Reversing

violationFine (€)PointsDriving ban
Violation of general due diligence when resetting35.---
Endangering another road user when reversing80.-1-

Reversing the car: when everything is suddenly the other way around

Whether you like the car parking backwards want to or have overlooked an important road sign and want to go back briefly: When driving backwards, according to the StVOCaution announced. Information and tips on correct reversing - whether by truck or car - you will find in this guide.

Reversing: An accident happened quickly

Learner driver learn driving in reverse gear together with turning or starting in driving school. Nevertheless, the unfamiliar driving direction confuse novice drivers in particular and even panic them in times of stress. These situations quickly lead to Accidents: An uncontrolled burst of gas now increasingly moves the car backwards. So go ahead particularly attentive and thoughtful in reverse.

This is what the StVO says about reversing

The regulations for driving in reverse are in Section 9 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO). It is fundamentally important that a driver is reversing always has to behave like thisthat no other vehicle endangered becomes.

In these situations driving back is not allowed:

  • You must not move backwards in the direction of travel
  • It is strictly forbidden to drive backwards on the motorway
  • Reverse gear may also not be used in places that are difficult to see
  • If you cannot rule out a possible danger to traffic, the forward gear must also remain in it

The 2021 catalog of fines punishes violations severely.

The 2021 catalog of fines distinguishes between Reverse and reverse. The former takes place in the flowing traffic instead, the latter in standing traffic - for example when parking or turning. Resetting harbors due to the lower speed fewer dangers - therefore only applies in these cases general duty of care. When driving back, however, one applies increased duty of care according to §9 StVO.

Reversing the truck: information and regulations

§9 StVO applies to all vehicles, also when reversing with a truck. However, that is Level of difficulty increased compared to the car: the truck driver does not have a rearview mirror, he has just through his side mirrors. In these cases it is recommended instructed in reversing to become.

Help is also useful when reversing with a trailer. The guide gives when reversing security. In addition, he can in this often unfamiliar situation Accidents and sheet metal damage through unwanted contact with another vehicle avoid. The Driving experience changes especially when the trailer is loaded.

Attention: With some insurance companies the insurance cover expires of vehicles if there is an accident while reversing without a guide took place.


Pay particular attention when driving back The following points:

  • Approach carefully
  • Constant readiness to brake for the duration of reverse travel
  • Walking pace
  • Pay attention to the blind spot
  • If necessary, get a guide to help

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Catalog of fines - reversing
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