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Date09. - 10.10.2021Saturday & Sunday 10.00 a.m. - 6.45 p.m.LortStudio 1Oudenarder Str. 16, 13347 Berlin Description A successful e-casting is neither coincidence nor luck. E-castings have become an integral part of the lives of actors and offer the special opportunity to surprise, convince and even be discovered from the couch at home. So why not see it as an opportunity instead of a burden and produce outstanding e-castings in a manageable amount of time! But how do you think of everything without getting bogged down and losing focus? Camera, direction, light, sound, costume and prop in one person? As part of the workshop, recordings of e-castings (including scenes and performances) are created under realistic conditions with subsequent feedback for optimization in detail. As an acting agent, Maximilian Haas has requested, viewed and assessed hundreds of e-castings in recent years, exchanged views with casters and directors about the quality and requirements and supported the actors as a coach. As a former actor, Maximilian Haas knows what is important, as an agent, how to do it. He develops the possibilities of the participants to lead them to success in e-castings: Quality, motivation, technology and variants - "all in" instead of just "doing". If it is not possible to hold face-to-face classes due to the corona, the workshop will be held online. Contents of the 2-day intensive workshop “all in”: I want to make a lasting impression. How does it work? Create the best technical prerequisites from your own resources Unmask errors that have to be avoided (... and it ...

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