Is Adam Sandler Bob Dylan

Adam Sandler is serious

"The love in me" is the rebirth of the slapstick comedian as a tragic hero, Adam Sandler gets serious

The story: New York dentist Alan (Don Cheadle) unexpectedly meets his college roommate and then best friend Charlie (Adam Sandler) again. After September 11th, in which he lost his whole family, he completely isolated himself, looks and behaves like Bob Dylan. Alan selflessly tries to get him out of his isolation, fear, anger and grief, to help him come to terms with the grief. Hard setbacks are the reward. But he doesn't give up. Is backed by his wife Janeane (Jada Pinkett Smith), professional help from psychiatrist Angela (Liv Tyler).

The director: Mike Bender ("Sex Monster", 1999) also wrote the script and can be seen in a role. He started his career as a comedian.

The stars: Adam Sandler, the stand-up comedian with a license to nerve (“Click”, “Billy Madison”), shows what he's made of. Don Cheadle ("LA Crash") was Oscar-nominated for "Hotel Rwanda". He is working on a documentary about Sudan to draw attention to the grievances.

International criticism: “A great cast who are obviously indulging in their roles. Especially in the end Donald Sutherland as an edgy, malicious judge "(Chicago Tribune)

B.Z.-evaluation: Sending the man to soccer or car racing or one of the things that big boys love to do. Then women can give in to their emotion, sniff a little and don't have to put up with questions like "Do you have a cold?" Because the film has its funny, ironic, even cynical sides, but in the end it is tragic. A really successful mix.

The love in me tragic comedy (USA 07, 125 min., Free from 6). Director: Mike Binder. With Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle and others

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