Why is a mobile screen turned on

Screen Cast - View Mobile on PC

Screen Cast Your mobile screen on your PC, Mac, tablet or Smart TV. Use any device with a browser and an internet connection to remotely play your mobile screen.

use Screen Castto demonstrate a presentation, view new concepts or features, view videos and images, and more.

Allows multiple connections from different devices to be connected and displayed at the same time. An optional password may be required for connections, which can be changed via the app settings.

It works with any desktop or mobile browser that supports MJPEG, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera Mini, Dolphin, and Internet Explorer 11.

Screen Cast and My Screen Recorder are a perfect combination when you need to make a video demo of the mobile app. My Screen Recorder is a screen capturing tool that allows you to record your PC screen along with your microphone. This tool is for making presentations and demos, you need to install My Screen Recorder on your PC.

You need to Screen recorder install on your PC.

Look at that Video tutorial to see how easy it is to record your mobile screen along with your PC screen.

Key Features: -
. Connect multiple devices and screen at the same time.
• Choose Wi-Fi, Portable Hotspot, or Cellular Data to connect to your PC
. Record your mobile screen together with the PC on My Screen Recorder.
. Set a password to prevent anyone from looking at you accidentally.
. Automatically minimizes the application when connected.
. Control how and when you want your phone's screen to stay on, it helps to keep the phone from going into sleep mode while sending.
. Supports multiple languages ​​including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.

Note: Screen Cast camera audio is not supported.

If you have any help with Screen Cast need, see our Support forum.

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