Can I eat KFC chicken with braces on?


Kentucky Fried Chicken (short KFC) is a Louisville, Kentucky, USA-based fast food franchise that sells unhealthy food to the max. As a unique selling point, buckets are offered as serving sizes instead of plates or boxes.


KFC is specifically geared towards poultry, especially fried chicken, which is the main ingredient in almost all dishes. In the episode UFO009 Yes and No as part of the top 5 fast-food chains, Florentin mentions "a bucket and a smaller bucket as a side dish, both filled to the brim with chicken, just meat" as an exemplary order from KFC.

Role in PUFO

In UFO009 Yes and No, Florentin tells of his worst incident with KFC: He ordered a children's menu, but was not given any toys because he was judged to be too old. In addition, he was not given a spoon for the mashed potatoes or a napkin and the beverage cup was only half full - "it was the Stalingrad of the KFC orders".

In UFO029 Nils Bokelberg, Florentin mentions that he was sitting at Cologne Cathedral and threw himself a KFC menu. He saw two YouTubers (ApeCrime) who rode longboards and were followed by "a crowd of fans".

In episode UFO053 El Cajón, Florentin reports about a menu order that could have been expensive for him if he hadn't noticed the mistake.


Both moderators speak with a mixture of disgust (10%) and enthusiasm (90%) about the chicken dishes.

Florentine: KFC is obviously fat on a bone. It looks like fat. It smells like fat. It tastes like fat. It's probably fat. [...] That's why I think it's so awesome. Because that's such an excess of fast food.

Stefan: ... and it is served in a bucket in the most unhealthy place.

However, both see a major negative point in the fact that adults who order a children's menu are not given any small plastic toys (cheaply produced under the worst conditions) and, due to their too high awareness, it is not possible for the staff to give them ask.


  • Chicken wings from KFC sometimes reach such a high level of crispness that they can loosen individual brackets in the consumer's mouth when they are eaten.