Why should you buy a smartphone?

8 reasons why we keep buying new smartphones

Around 56 million Germans have a smartphone. According to a recent survey, nine out of ten users can no longer imagine life without a mobile phone. 73 percent would even rather do without their car than their smartphone. In addition, only 8 percent have a cell phone that is more than two years old. Conversely, this means that a new smartphone is due after two years at the latest. But why?

The reasons: That's why we keep buying new smartphones

You'd think that many buy a new smartphone because the old one is broken. But that is not the main reason for a new purchase. Obviously, the problem lies elsewhere, as the following list shows. It is based on a survey by the digital association Bitkom. According to this, for 75 percent of smartphone users, the poor battery life is the main reason for a new purchase.

  1. The battery ran out quickly (75 percent)
  2. The display broke (55 percent)
  3. I always want to have the latest model (38 percent)
  4. It stopped working properly (38 percent)
  5. The camera was no longer good enough for me (24 percent)
  6. I discovered another smartphone that I liked better (17 percent)
  7. It's gotten too slow (13 percent)
  8. To install the Corona warning app (5 percent)

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Buying a cell phone: This is particularly important to users

But although the battery life is cited as the main reason for a new purchase, the criteria at the sales counter are different. According to Bitkom, “more robust screen glass” comes first with 91 percent of all buyers when it comes to new purchases. Also right at the top: good processing quality (91 percent). For some, this is even more important than the battery life (88 percent) of their new smartphone. Also interesting: For 92 percent of all smartphone buyers, sustainability is extremely important.

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By the way: the brand of the new cell phone does not play a major role for many buyers. Whether Samsung, Xiaomi or Apple: almost half (45 percent) of all buyers do not care which manufacturer the new smartphone is from. These are the possible reasons.

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