Where should I promote the dating app

Online dating platforms are gaining popularity among singles worldwide. In Germany alone, around one in three respondents aged 16 and over stated that they had already used an online dating service. Between the ages of 16 and 29, as many as 40% of those surveyed stated that they had used such a service once. The best-known and most successful platforms here are apps like Tinder, Lovoo, Bumble, or Parship and ElitePartner. We at APP3null have already developed many dating apps, including Justlo, Linduu, or Marry Me, which have been downloaded several million times.

Around 320 million people worldwide use dating apps. In 2019, Tinder alone generated approximately $ 1.2 billion. All dating apps are predicted to earn nearly $ 3 billion in 2020. This means an annual increase of around 12% compared to the previous year. The steadily increasing popularity of dating apps can hardly be disguised from these figures. While in the early days of online dating apps it was socially unacceptable and dubious, especially for younger people, to install Tinder or Lovoo, today it is almost "normal" for singles to use such an app. Dating app development is trendy and is recognized by more and more companies and entrepreneurs worldwide. The competition for Tinder, Bumble, ElitePartner and Co is getting bigger and bigger. No other company than Facebook recently announced the launch of a dating platform based on their Facebook network in Europe.

Different types of dating apps

  1. Geolocation

These types of MatchingDating apps aggregate potential matches based on geographic proximity. This group of dating apps includes, for example, Tinder, Bumble and Co., whose working methods and functions are very similar.

  • Matching algorithm based dating apps

Such dating apps are supported by offline matching services or matching algorithms that base their selection on personal survey information. These include, for example, eHarmony, which is based on the matches of your users.

  • Traditional dating apps

Traditional dating apps are mobile versions of "old-school" dating websites that replicate features of their web versions. For example, OkCupid, a well-known dating platform, now has a mobile app that seeks to compete in the app market.

In addition to the widespread and big names of online dating apps, there is also a trend towards niche dating. The app fixes itself on common interests or character traits that should be decisive for the other user. These include hobbies, food preferences, attitude to life, or financial opportunities and religion. For example, singles on www.glutenfreesingles.com can meet other singles who are also gluten-free. Dating platforms like Muzmatch or Minder offer Muslim singles a chance to find a partner. There are also platforms for tall people or fans of hot sauces (www.tallfriends.com and www.hotsaucepassions.com). These platforms cannot yet be compared with Tinder or Bumble, but they offer considerable potential for growth with an ever-increasing number of users.

Development of dating apps due to the corona pandemic

The corona pandemic in particular has ultimately led to another boost in the online dating world. Tinder has seen around 15% monthly growth in first-time subscribers since the pandemic began. Due to the closure of pubs, bars, clubs and all other restrictions in public life, it seems as if people did not want to give up the chance to get to know each other completely and instead opted for the only possible way: digital dating.

technical requirements

But what exactly does dating app development look like? How are the technical requirements best implemented in an app? In general, native applications are most suitable for this. For the large amounts of data, design effort and the smooth process in the user experience, there is simply no getting around native apps.

Let's take a look at the front end first. Most dating apps allow registration and login via Facebook. Data is then withdrawn from this platform, which is used to create the dating profile. Technically, this means establishing the connection to Facebook via an interface. Furthermore, of course, the profile editing of the user is added. Here it should often be possible to set general information such as job titles, training, hobbies and interests, but also profile picture or links to Instagram, Spotify and Snapchat. Then of course there is the swipe function. On this surface there are mostly options such as a “Superlike”, a “back” function, through which you can get to the user beforehand if you swiped too hastily, or to see other features. In some cases, online dating apps also contain functions that enable other singles to be matched based on their geographic location. The location can often be changed manually in premium versions.

The simplicity of the user interface is definitely important for the front end. One of the reasons Tinder became a hit is because of its simpler interface. It has a very simple yet beautiful interface that can be used by people of all generations. This is a quality that every application must have in order for more people to be able to use the app without much of a problem.

Offline access

Although the internet connection is usually not a problem, it can happen that access is interrupted. In an elevator, underground car park, basement, or remote camping site, connectivity may be interrupted. Offline access to online dating apps is an excellent alternative to passing the time. Of course, when Tinder made this feature available to its users, the user base grew too. If you want to gain a large number of users, this involvement in the dating app development is a must.

Video chat

What if a user wants to have a live video conversation with a match before going on a physical date? The intent might be to determine that the person on the other end is legitimate and not a made-up profile. By getting to know each other virtually, many people put aside initial doubts about common interests and similarities. Due to Corona in particular, the interest in video telephony in the online dating industry increased immensely. To add this feature, the developer must use either the peer-to-peer connection method or the STUN server method for development. And that process needs to be combined with robust back-end support and good UX / UI design.

Push notifications

A user who uses such dating apps is always excited. It is very important to include features that notify the user when they get a match or when they get a new message. This function is very important for people who want to keep up to date with the app on a regular basis. This saves the user having to keep opening the app and checking whether new messages or events have happened, as these are automatically sent to the user via push notification.


Are you looking for something very specific? There are many types of users in an application that has a huge database of users. Some people want to limit their search to a specific name, age, or other criteria. This will help them find the profile of someone they just looked at. Most apps can also be filtered by gender or radius (distance). Therefore, filters should definitely be part of the dating app development.

Blocking / reporting of users

In every dating app nowadays, the function of blocking or reporting another user is indispensable. Whether a person is harassed, insulted, a fake profile, or other unauthorized and inappropriate acts, they must be removed from the community so that there is no major damage. To do this, a function must be integrated in the online dating app that enables the user to be blocked with just a few clicks. General review of the case must of course be done individually by the provider.

Cross-platform development

Tinder made its way to the top of the world's online dating apps when it was launched on both iOS and Android platforms. Today, more than fifty percent of the world's population use smartphones. So it is very important to develop an app that works on both platforms.

Social media integration

This integration is a must to increase authenticity and increase the scope of the search for an ideal match. In online dating, finding information from social accounts adds significant value to the conversation. Often, common interests can also be identified from social media channels, which could make it easier for the user to establish contact. Therefore, nowadays a potential integration of Instagram, Snapchat, Spotify and Co. is one of the tools that can make a dating app stand out from the rest.

Technical challenge of online dating apps

Since huge amounts of data are processed through user profiles, registrations, multimedia content, efficient chat functions and interface integration, it is accordingly important to provide a scalable and resilient server. An efficient database structure is of high priority for the smooth process and the user experience. In our opinion, native mobile apps, which are much more powerful and powerful than, for example, hybrid or web apps, are best suited for the development of dating apps.

How do you actually make money with dating apps?

  1. Subscriptions: Users pay a fee to use the app for a certain period of time.
  2. Ads: Apps make money by selling ad space to third-party companies.
  3. In-app purchases: Users buy in-app currencies, symbols, smileys, etc.
  4. Premium plans: users pay a fee to unlock additional features. Dating apps usually generate revenue by offering additional features in their premium plans. Let's look at some examples.

Restricting access to certain features in free versions is often used as an additional motivation to make users pay for premium plans. Tinder is a good example of how you can motivate more users to become Premium members by selecting an important feature of your app and only allowing premium users to enjoy it. In the case of Tinder, you can use the Undo function to return to the profile of someone you may have hastily swiped to the left before. This gives you another chance of a match with this person.

Paying for advanced features in a dating app has mostly been upgraded once there is significant brand awareness and users are already loyal to a particular app. Tinder Plus was introduced after Tinder had already gained serious popularity.

"Advanced" functions serve the same purpose as "restricted access". In this case, however, users will pay for additional features. In the free version of the Bumble app, for example, users only have 24 hours to get in touch. Then they lose the match. When users purchase Premium, male users of the Bumble app can extend the game so that female users can watch it for an additional 24 hour period.

Marketing strategies for dating apps

Apps like Grindr, Bumble, and Tinder dominate the mass dating market, but there are plenty of ways to build a loyal community by finding your niche. Defining your target audience is seen as an effective way of adding value to users and is an important step in successfully building a community.

There are apps for all kinds of interests, such as music lovers, beards, fans of Canada and those just looking for a bromance. Another way to find your lucrative niche is to monitor your competitors and find out what is missing in their products.

Tinder was developed with the demand for an easier and more casual way of meeting people. Bumble, whose distinctive feature is that only women can initiate the conversation, came up because of the harassment of women on dating apps. Justin McLeod, the founder of Hinge, conducted an extensive survey (approximately 500,000 users) to determine that one of the biggest complaints about online dating was its superficiality. So he designed an app that aims to promote a deeper connection. Research the audience, research the competitors, get to know the market and you are on your way to revolutionize your industry.

Dating App Development - Conclusion

Dating app development brings with it various challenges based on the desired requirements. Whether a dating app will ultimately be successful depends not only on the product itself, but of course also on the marketing. How many people can the product reach? What distinguishes the product from others and what makes it special? Due to the corona pandemic, dating app development has experienced a boom and more and more people have been tempted to register. Despite the already large market in dating app developments, there are always new apps from this industry that are successful. So if you recognize the right niche and have a good concept in mind, it is definitely worth bringing a new app onto the market.