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DIY: Glass decoration - 5 great ideas for decorating glasses

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Decorating glasses and handicrafts is currently very much in vogue! The self-made table decorations are a visual highlight not only at weddings, but also at birthdays and other celebrations. Here we have a few creative ideas for the glass decoration to make yourself ...

In general, you can use different glasses for the glass decoration: Whether preserving jars, jam jars, mason jars or bottles - the different sizes and shapes give the decoration a playful charm. If you just ask your friends and acquaintances, you will surely quickly end up with a large number of unneeded glasses.

Here is an overview of the different ideas in this article:

Glass decoration idea 1: Vintage with lace ribbon & Co.
Glass decoration idea 2: Shabby chic with chalk paint
Glass decoration idea 3: With decoration tape
Glass decoration idea 4: Wine glasses with lampshade
Glass decoration idea 5: Decorate bottles with the napkin technique

Glass decoration idea 1: Vintage with lace ribbon & Co.

Materials required for decorating glasses:

Here you can actually use whatever vintage material you can get your hands on. Combined with stones and rhinestones, the jam jar decoration looks super festive.

You need e.g.:

moinkerin 7 rolls Washi self-adhesive tape, lace tape, colorful decoration, colored tape, ...
  • ▶ 【Different colors】 purple, rose red, champagne, blue, green, gold, silver.
  • ▶ 【Single roll size】 L x W: 100 x 1.8 cm (39.37 * 0.71 inches).
  • ▶ 【Material】 Backing tape made of rice paper, easy to remove. Glossy surface with a hollow pattern, very exquisite and luxurious.

This is how you make the vintage glass decoration:

Self-adhesive materials that you simply press onto the glass are helpful. Ribbons are best knotted at the height of the screw cap. Larger decorative elements can also be securely attached with a hot glue gun.

Whether you want to cover a lot of glass or just use individual small elements for the glass decoration is up to you. The nice thing about it is that each glass is unique! Perfect for the flower decoration or as a lantern for the tea light.

Inspirations for vintage glass decoration

Tip: The glass decoration can also be used for favors

Fill the decorated glasses with delicious sweets and in no time you will have very special guest gifts.

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Glass decoration idea 2: Shabby chic with chalk paint

Materials & instructions for the glass decoration

You need:

  • Mason jars, jam jars, mason jars or other glasses
  • Chalk paint and brush
  • Transparent Paper
  • scissors
  • Water in the spray bottle
  • Other decorative materials, such as Lace ribbons, Etc.

This is how it works:

Before decorating the glasses, you can consider whether you would like to leave out a small motif on the decorative glass. We have chosen a heart to match the wedding decoration. Simply cut out the motif on tracing paper or baking paper, spray the decorative glass with water, place the motif in the right place and press it into place.

After drying, you can brush the glass with the chalk paint. For the shabby chic look, also with coarser brushstrokes. If you use a mason jar, the color consumption is of course greater than with a small jam jar, but in general the chalk colors are very productive.

Then just carefully remove the paper motif with two fingers and let everything dry.

Inspirations for shabby chic glass decoration

For the perfect vintage look, you can tie a longer vintage lace ribbon to the screw cap. Even smaller decorative elements such as flowers, hearts or keys can be placed at the level of the transparent part with the help of a thread and give the jam jar decoration the finishing touch.

The decorative glasses are also perfect as unusual place cards. In combination with the blossom you have a great table decoration with an integrated usher that can be taken home as a gift.

Instead of the recess, it is of course also possible to paint the entire surface. Here you can be great Stamp for the wedding or with Motif stamps work and adapt the glass decoration to your festival theme.

This is how tinkering with glasses goes very quickly: With self-adhesive hearts or other stickers your glass decoration gets a very individual charm.

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Glass decoration idea 3: With decoration tape

Materials & instructions for the glass decoration with decoration tape

You need:

This is how tinkering with the bottles works:

Simply stick the decorative adhesive tape straight onto the bottles. Make sure that the transitions are glued cleanly and that the decorative glasses look good from all sides.

It is a little more difficult to stick the washi tape on inclined places. It is therefore advisable to only apply the decorative adhesive tapes to the straight areas. So that the decorative glass also looks pretty on the neck of the bottle, e.g. attach a bow with a matching satin ribbon.

A great idea: You can still use a hot glue small decorative wooden discs Stick it on the lid in the appropriate size and label it with the guest's name. So you have particularly original place cards for your celebration.

A combination of vintage lace stickers and the decorative adhesive tape is of course also possible. By the way, it looks great when the tea lights are also decorated with the appropriate adhesive tape.

The decorative tapes are not only suitable for table decorations with flowers: The bottles also serve as great storage containers for themParty favors.

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Glass decoration idea 4: Wine glasses with lampshade

Instead of mason jars, wine glasses or champagne glasses are the basis of the decoration: The glasses are decorated with homemade lampshades and you get great tea light lamps.

We have detailed instructions for you, including a free template, in a separate article:

Glass decoration idea 5: Decorate bottles with the napkin technique

Materials for the glass bottles decoration

You need:

Instructions for the decoration bottles with napkin technique

Basic color: Cut off a piece of foam and clamp it in the clothespin, dip it in the white paint and dye the whole bottle. Then dry with the hairdryer and repeat again.

Peel off the napkin and stick it on: Tear out the required motif and pull off the top layer of the napkin (the bottom layers are not needed).

Cling film is often used as an aid to attach it to the bottles. To do this, place the napkin face down on the cling film and spray it with water (spray bottle).

Carefully pull the folds smooth with your fingers (be careful not to tear the napkin). Place the cling film on the bottle with the napkin facing down and press the napkin firmly with your hands so that it sticks to the bottle. Carefully pull off the foil, you can help with a brush.

Now glue the napkin on with the wood glue. Start in the middle and work your way outwards. Then blow dry the bottle again with the hairdryer.

If you have creases while sticking them on, sand them down in circular movements with the sandpaper. The serviette must be well dried, otherwise you will grind the serviette at the same time.

Painting and dabbing: Now you paint the whole bottle. Then you mix the desired color for the bottle neck and apply it again with a piece of foam so that the bottle decoration creates a harmonious picture. Finally, paint the bottle twice more (blow dry everything with the hairdryer in between). The bottle decoration is ready.

By the way, you can find out how to make the right picture frame with a cracked look in our detailed DIY vintage picture frame article.

Variant 2 in vintage look

Basic color: Cut the foam piece to size, put it in the clothespin, dip it in the brown paint and dye the whole bottle. Dry with the hairdryer.

Cracklingapply varnish and white paint: Wearing Crackling varnish on the bottle and wait about 10-15 minutes. With the help of this varnish, the great vintage cracks are created later.

Now cut off a piece of foam and dip it into the white paint, dab the whole bottle with it. Pay attention to the correct amount of paint: If there is little paint, either no or only very small cracks appear. If there is too much paint, there is a lot of excess paint.

Then dry with the hairdryer. Even while it is drying you can see how the white paint cracks and beautiful cracks appear.

The steps Peel off the napkin and stick it on and Paint and dab work exactly as described in the instructions above.

More inspiration for the decorative glass bottles

The empty bottle decoration can be used as a flower vase. This makes the bottle upcycling a real eye-catcher on the table.

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