How to read GPS coordinates

Google Maps: Show & enter coordinates - this is how it works

You can find all places in the world via Google Maps using the appropriate designation. You can determine locations even more precisely using GPS coordinates. We'll show you how to enter coordinates in Google Maps and how to display the information for destinations in the app.

While several different destinations can often be found for one location name, GPS coordinates are clear based on the longitude and latitude. This information is important, for example, if Google Maps does not provide the exact destination, you want to give friends an exact meeting point or are looking for a still secret sight as a destination. You can use the values ​​in the Google Maps app on Android smartphones and iPhones quickly and easily.

Google Maps: Enter coordinates and search

Use the normal Google Maps search field for input. If you want to search for locations using coordinates in Google Maps, note the following:

  • First enter the latitude and then the longitude.
  • The first value is between -90 and 90, the longitude between -180 and 180.
  • If you use the decimal notation, you use dots instead of commas as the decimal point (i.e. 50,941 instead of 50,941).
  • You separate latitude and longitude with a comma.
  • If you use the radian dimensions, you must end up with a “W” for “West” or “E” for “East”.

If you would like to try the search right away and enter coordinates, simply copy the values ​​below and paste them into the search field in your Google Maps app:

  • 52.514873, 13.239499
  • 50 ° 56’28.8 "N 6 ° 57’30.0" E
  • 65.606446, -20.635236
  • 49.983607, 20.053796

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Display coordinates in the app

Of course, Google Maps also shows you the coordinates of locations. However, this only works for targets that do not yet have a label and therefore no precise description. In the app, do the following to see latitude and longitude:

  1. Select the destination by pressing and holding a spot on the map.
  2. The coordinates appear in the search field at the top.
  3. Alternatively, tap on the entry below Set marker.
  4. Slide the screen up to see the latitude and longitude of your destination.
  5. If you press the line, the coordinates are copied to the clipboard. You can send the exact location to your friends via a messenger, for example.

If you mark a place with a label, you will only see the name. If you want to display the GPS coordinates, tap on a free space directly next to the marker.

We'll also show you how to measure distances in Google Maps and how to activate Street View in the app.