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Mikkel Texas Ranger - Chipotle Porter

Mikkel Texas Ranger: A porter brewed with chipotle chillies ...

Data and facts about beer

Surname:TEXAS RANGER Chipotle Porter
Brewery:Mikkel Borg Bjergsø for Brewery
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Alcohol content:6.6% vol.
Original wort:n / a
Beer type:porter
Drinking temperature:10-12 ° C
Origin:Denmark / Belgium / Frankfurt
Fits to:Desserts, chocolate, chocolate cake, strong cheese, goat cheese
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Special feature of the Mikkel Texas Ranger

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø - a master brewer with unlimited joy in experimenting:

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø's passion is experimenting with existing beer styles and the best “unusual” ingredients. His goal is to “inspire as many people as possible to enjoy diverse and surprising beer creations”. ... which he also does very well.

Actually, he is a studied math and physics teacher and had no previous knowledge when he started brewing his own beer - and with great success. In 2010, Mikkel gave up his real job and concentrated on brewing, with great success.

Today, Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is the sole owner and managing director of Mikkeller, has worked with numerous respected craft beer brewers around the world over the past few years and has brewed their own beers for some of Denmark's best gourmet restaurants. With more than 600 craft beers of different styles, he is one of the most creative minds on the scene. We have one of his beers in the test today: TEXAS Ranger, a porter brewed with Chipotle chillies. During the production process, these smoked jalapenos, also called chipotle, were added to the beer, creating an increasing heat. Eroica and Saazer are used on hops. Sounds like a really hot beer.

In terms of style it is a porter, I think the description of Braufaktum is very nice: “Porter, a brown, top-fermented beer, originated 300 years ago in London. It was the beer of the porters, precisely this "porter" (from Latin: "portare" = "to carry"). It is said that the beer was as rich and strong as their work was hard.

Bottle design

The Mikkel Texas Ranger is filled in a 0.33l returnable bottle. The label is bright yellow with red writing, you can see the Texas Ranger's Colt and many small, hot chili peppers. On the hand that holds the Colt, the finger is of course on the trigger. On the back of the label you can read the ingredients and the name of the brewer, as well as the best before date. Very interesting: A Danish brewer is brewing in Belgium in Brouwerij Lochristi-Hijfte for Braufaktum from Frankfurt. Where does this beer come from?


The beer has a black color, it is opaque and also quite thick when poured into the glass. A very fine-pored, creamy and dark brown foam forms on the beer. The foam is not too lush and, unfortunately, not very durable either.


The Mikkel Texas Ranger smells very roasted malty, with aromas of cocoa and chocolate and dark dried fruits. A bit of the chipotle can also be felt in the nose, it smells somehow like grilled paprika and also a little peppery.

Phases of taste

1. Toast

The Mikkel Texas Ranger starts with beautiful roasted malt aromas, plus notes of cocoa and dark chocolate, not too sweet, but a little bit tart and also smoky at the same time. This is played around with aromas of caramel, dark dried fruits and a subtle fruity note of mango. The start is fruity, with cocoa and chocolate, then the smoky note develops, which is somewhat reminiscent of a smoked ham. This balance between sweet and tart, between fruity and smoky and it should get even better is great.

2nd review

For a porter, the carbon dioxide is used quite abundantly, but that goes very well with the strong, full body and the almost oily consistency of the beer. In terms of taste, caramel emerges in the middle part, but the chillies also have a very pleasant and subtle spiciness.

3. Departure

In the rather long finish, a very nice chocolatey note emerges, not too sweet and the subtle and very aromatic, also hotter chili note emerges, which remains on the palate for a long time. There are also tart hop notes.

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Olaf Gronert:

What a masterpiece, this beer, great balance of fruity and dry, the chocolate notes, the cocoa, the fruity mango, caramel and the pleasant smoky and hot chili note. A porter, dark, smoky and chocolaty in a class of its own, plus this Chipotle Chili and the hops notes in the finish! What a beer, that Mikkel Texas Ranger!