What is the hyperlink button

HTML: Include button with link


Do you want to have several pages on your website and reach them with one click? Then a button with a built-in link is the ideal solution for you. Many online shops use exactly this principle to display several pages of articles only with one click.

How do you create a button with a built-in link?

There are several ways to make a button clickable and at the same time to provide a link. However, the simplest method is to solve everything right within the tag.
  1. Instead of using the
  2. To do this, assign the its own class and assign both a “type” and a “value”. The whole thing looks like this: .
  3. Now, however, you still have to include the link so that the button knows after a click which page should be directed to. You also need to give the tag the option to be clickable.
  4. You can solve this as follows: .
  5. In addition, the whole thing has to be enclosed by a
  6. Since the button still looks pretty boring, you can make further visual adjustments using the class in the CSS.
  7. Regardless of the formatting, a new page can now be called up using the button. You do not have to limit yourself to your own pages, you can also link external ones.

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