What philosophies teach focus and concentration

Special workshop: philosophy and management

The special workshops are tailored to the needs of the respective company, accompanied by experienced experts and inmore comprehensive training programs or modules embedded.

The concept developed by Academia Philosophia and the WU Executive Academy is based on the idea of ​​relating two fundamentally different disciplines: philosophy of science and management. Based on classic management models, the participants in the workshop reflect on typical management fields such as strategy, structure, culture, etc. philosophically, i.e. systematically and according to logical principles. It is about establishing a culture of reflection and subjecting the fundamental requirements of management and economics to a philosophical examination.

Goals of the workshop

  • Identify, understand and discuss areas of tension in organizations
  • Critical questioning and illuminating one's own living environment and the foundation of one's own discipline
  • Focus on: Concentration and reflection, as well as differentiating between the important and the unimportant


Philosophers of the Academia Philosophia:


Dr. Bernd Waß

Founding member of the Academia Philosophia | Freelance philosopher, writer, Austrian Society for Philosophy

Dr. Heinz Palasser

Founding member of the Academia Philosophia | Philosopher, writer, columnist, consultant

Philosophy teaches you to act, not to speak.

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