How much does it cost to make methamphetamine

Production and consumption of amphetamines and methamphetamine

Amphetamines (speed) and methamphetamine: synthetic stimulants

Are amphetamines and methamphetamine synthetically manufactured substances with a stimulating effect. They are mostly made in illegal laboratories in Europe and Asia.

Amphetamines will too speed called. They are mostly as powder or as Tablets available. However, the purity of the powder and the tablet contents vary considerably. They often contain impurities and additives, such as caffeine.

Methamphetamine is primarily as pill (Thai pills) or as Powder in crystalline form (Crystal, Ice) available. The pills, which are mostly imported from Asia, contain around 15mg of methamphetamine and caffeine. Crystal comes mainly from the Czech Republic. It has a high degree of purity, which usually exceeds 70%.

Amphetamines and methamphetamines are becoming predominant swallowed, but also sniffed and methamphetamine in particular is also smoked. Intravenous injection of these substances is rare.

Especially Methamphetamine is considered a drug with a very high risk for Addiction and Health problems. This is related to the strength and long duration of action, as well as the unpleasant effects of coming down. If methamphetamine is smoked, this leads to an intensification of the effect and thus to additional problems. In Switzerland, methamphetamine has so far mainly been in circulation in limited circles and regions.

The consumption of amphetamines is particularly common Party scene spread. But also to increase performance, for example in everyday work or study, as well as Slimming amphetamines are used. In the party scene, the consumption of amphetamines is sometimes supplemented with other substances such as ecstasy or cocaine. Some Medication contain amphetamines and are used to treat attention deficit disorders and narcolepsy.