Why are people weird

How much does Corona change us ?: The seismograph

I saw a dog among people eating ice cream in a town square. He seemed to notice that something was different.

Do the rules of distance also irritate the animals? Dog in an empty pedestrian zone in Haltern am See Photo: dpa

A place. A window from which ice is served. Vanilla, strawberry, caramel. People are queuing. Two metres. A human. Two metres. With ice on your tongue, there is no better earlier or better later. Just strawberry, vanilla. Sunlight. A day that seems to be all right.

A man has no ice cream in his hand. He is drinking a beer, wearing a straw hat. He smiles mischievously. He looks like an adventurer, a survivor like in the end of the world films, who miraculously never gets caught. Who falls on all four paws like a cat.

A dog of medium size with brown, shaggy fur runs around the man. The man looks at the dog and the place as if looking at a picture. As if he had an inner distance from all the distance around him. His dog runs in circles. The whole time. One lap after the next, he evades people, comes up to them, runs to the man and away from him again. The man shakes his head, laughs: "The dog has gone crazy," he says.

“It has been like this for a few weeks. Ever since it was with Corona. He feels the fear of the people. That people are different, that they act strangely. ”The dog makes another restless lap. A run without a goal, as if trying to find something and get rid of it at the same time. Everything is going well on the pitch right now. But nothing is good. The dog runs in a circle. The dog goes crazy.

We have all contracted the extended symptoms of the virus

“He's usually not snappy,” says the man. “But now he snaps sometimes. The dogs, they taste it. Animals feel the atmosphere. ”The dog sniffs the ground, shrugs his head. “The dog is from my friend. When she died, I took it over. I didn't really want him. But I didn't want to give him to the shelter either. They would soon have put him to sleep. "

Another man joins them. The man in the hat tells again about his girlfriend, death, the dog that has felt fear since the virus. As relaxed as he seems, he seems to be preoccupied with what is happening with the dog, his companion. Which now reacts to the subtle vibrations like a seismograph. Like canaries, which used to be taken into the mines because the workers' behavior noticed earlier when the oxygen was running out. What kind of danger does the dog perceive at the moment?

"He's a street dog mix," says the man. "He was conceived somewhere on the stairs." He grins. “He is 15 years old. He won't live long. ”What will happen to the man when the dog dies? The dog who is the last living connection to his girlfriend. He's already running away from the man. As if he was looking for a new connection. Like a cell phone that locates and locates reception and yet does not dock anywhere.

There are studies on a so-called morphogenetic field that is supposed to connect all living things with one another. That they feel vibrations independently of one another and therefore behave similarly over distances. The dog acts like a symptom of this invisible atmosphere. The closeness between human and human is disturbed. The codes, the body language, the everyday rituals that we could rely on. The bodies are now arranged differently in space. Our facial expressions are covered. How does all of this really “drive” us? How much? And how sustainable?

Perhaps the dog is less irritated by the fact that people behave differently, but primarily by how they behave “to one another”. In the last few weeks the measures have created a new social corrective. People begin to correct each other in their behavior, and also to denounce when they do not comply with the codes. The virus is spreading even when we don't have the virus. We have all contracted its extended symptoms.

The dog makes even bigger laps. He no longer listens to the man. The dog, which is said to be man's most loyal friend, is moving away. The man drinks his beer, he smiles as if he accepts it. He lets him, he doesn't correct him. As if he sensed that it was time for the dog to live the way it wants to live.