How do people celebrate birthdays in Spain

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Different countries, different customs - this also applies to the birthday and how and whether the special day is celebrated. We introduce a few countries and their typical customs for a birthday.


In Belgium, the birthday of a child or young person is particularly popular celebrated, for example on the soccer field, in the swimming pool or in the cinema. In the evening, all the guests come to the birthday child's house to bake pancakes together, to top them to their hearts' content - and of course to eat them.


In France, the birthday is celebrated in a similar way to Germany, there is a lot of games and laughter, traditionally there are also cakes on which as many candles are lit as the child gets old. A popular birthday game in France is the "Jeu du loup", in which the mother of the birthday child secretly chooses a "wolf". The wolf has to catch the "little kids" (= the other children). By inconspicuously winking at them, they petrify and have to stop. The still free kids can free the petrified ones again by tapping them. The game is over when all the kids are captured.


In Spain people celebrate the name day rather than the birthday, as it is a very Catholic country. If the birthday is celebrated after all, the birthday child can wear the whole tab over a crown. Traditionally, instead of chocolate cake, there is cheesecake with strawberries. At the highlight of the day, guests can smash a pinata.


In Italy, birthdays are always very fiery and loud, lots of delicious food is served here and as many friends, relatives and acquaintances come together as fit at the table.


In India, both the birthday and the naming day are celebrated. There is a special ritual here for the 21st birthday, when two selected guests celebrate the jubilee - at 21 you are considered marriageable in India.


In Japan you usually don't celebrate a birthday at all, only the 3rd, 5th, 7th and 20th birthday are celebrated here - but the 20th mainly because then you come of age in Japan. The adults, on the other hand, rarely party - but sometimes the party party ends up in one of the popular karaoke bars.