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Festival for festivals 2020

From: 08/21/2020 To: 08/23/2020
The festival was 273 days ago

Unfortunately no current data for 2021 are (yet) available!

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Together we will celebrate the largest festival in the country from 21.-23. August 2020

The festival industry is going through the most difficult year in its history due to the Corona crisis - entire sales are falling and many organizers are losing their livelihoods. So that we can celebrate together next summer, we now need us, the festival fans!

Turn your home into a festival site and let the festival feel sent home to you in a box and ribbon. Solve various challenges with your camp and win the golden festival ribbon for 2021. And with all this you support the festival landscape - in the living room, in the park and wherever it is allowed.

With the purchase of a festival box or a ribbon you can financially support your favorite festival or the whole festival landscape (evenly divided among all festivals) and get everything for the perfect festival day delivered to your home. For this festival we leave the genre and campsite boundaries behind us - all festivals united, for everyone who loves festivals.

Over a hundred festivals have put their heads together to send you three days of festival program home. While you have set up the camping chair on the balcony or in the park of your choice, you can follow a unique program on the main stage via our website. Cooking show, beer yoga, game show formats and of course live concerts including aftershow parties with the obligatory "last song" to lie in your arms.

An initiative by Höme - For festivals.

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