Why is Jake Paul so cool

Logan Paul gave himself a full 30 days, 21 hours and 15 minutes to reflect on how he wrote on Twitter. No tweets, no photos on Instagram, no daily videos on Youtube. Social media star Logan Paul was heavily criticized after uploading a video on New Year's Eve filming a suicide victim in the Japanese forest of Aokigahara. On Day 31, Logan apparently thought he had shown enough remorse and basically picked up where he left off: being funny at any cost. To do this, he sometimes shoots a dead rat with a stun gun, dumps sour milk into his swimming pool and smashes plates.

Logan Paul, born in 1995, and his little brother Jake Paul, born in 1997, are among the most popular Youtubers worldwide. The brothers are blonde, tall, athletic and both class clown types. Both live in Los Angeles and have been uploading videos every day for more than a year, which are supposed to document their lives - so-called vlogs in Youtube jargon. Independent of each other, everyone has earned millions with it. Most of their fans are 13 to 15 years old, outside of them the brothers make headlines with rock star flair and blatant missteps, as recently with the Aokigahara video. Like hardly any other Youtubers, both stand for what is going wrong on the video portal.

The Paul brothers' social media career began in spring 2013 on the video platform Vine, which is part of Twitter. The special thing about Vine: A video can be a maximum of six seconds long. Logan and Jake, then two high school boys from Ohio, quickly understand how to tell a joke in seconds. Example: Jake throws away a banana peel, Logan slips on it, but artistically catches himself with a backflip, punch line: Logan stumbles over a garbage can. Within six months, both independently collect more than a million followers. The first promotional vines for donuts, electronics stores and cola will soon follow.

Jake is fired from Disney after setting furniture on fire

About a year later, the brothers move to Los Angeles to further boost their careers. Logan drops out of college for this, Jake drops out of high school. Both take acting and improvisation classes, finance their lives with sponsored vines and experiment on other platforms such as Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram. This is how they come to YouTube, where they have been posting videos regularly since 2015. Everyone builds their own brand. Around the same time, Vine began to decline in popularity, and in early 2017 Twitter stopped the short video service. The Paul brothers have long been concentrating on their YouTube channels. Jake also plays the leading role in the Disney Channel series "Blizaardvark", his big brother has various appearances in television series and in the Youtube movie "The Thinning".

On YouTube, too, the brothers quickly learn how to grow as effectively as possible. The platform's algorithm rewards Youtubers who upload videos as regularly as possible, preferably daily. They can also place more ads in long videos - ten minutes or longer. With their daily vlogs, Jake and Logan Paul pay attention to both criteria. A phenomenon that can be observed in many currently successful Youtubers. Even if the video portal takes into account factors such as audience loyalty, those who rely on quantity, not creativity, are currently benefiting.

Jake has gathered several influencers in a company called Team 10. The youngest member is Ben Hampton, six years old. Some of the Team 10 members live with Jake in a house in Los Angeles. This leads to Jake's biggest scandal to date in the summer of 2017, which costs him his contract with Disney: The neighbors are complaining because fans are besieging the street and Jake and his entourage, for example, burn furniture in the swimming pool - for a video. In the meantime, both brothers live in multi-million dollar villas with huge plots and shielded from the neighborhood.

In their own right: In every video, the brothers point out their clothing lines

The message that the brothers want to convey to their viewers with their videos is as banal as it is well known: "Carpe diem", enjoy every day. The two of course each have their own formulation for it: "It's everyday Bro" is Jake's variant, which he cast in a song of the same name. Logan recommends to his viewers: "Be a maverick. Do it different", be a rebel, be different. Maverick is the name of Logan's own clothing line - and his parrot.

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To do this, they both repeat mantra-like in almost every video: Stay positive, let the critics talk. In order to fully belong, Logan and Jake urge their viewers to become part of the "Lo Gang" and the "Jake Paulers" respectively by subscribing to the channels. And if you want to be absolutely sure, it is best to order a hoodie, backpack and training pants from the respective fan shop. Three to four times per video, both Logan and Jake point out their own clothing lines. So, while other Youtubers are complaining that their ad revenue is falling, the Paul brothers have found a new way to capitalize on their reach. As a reaction to the Aokigahara scandal and a few weeks later to the cruelty to animals with the dead rat, Youtube first removed Logan from the list of preferred advertising ambassadors and threw him out of the advertising program a few days ago. Logan must have smiled tiredly about it.

Even Jake, who is still allowed to advertise, relies less on third-party advertisements in his videos. In addition to the sales with his clothing line, he allegedly collects 20 percent of the income of all Team 10 members. For 64 dollars he reveals all his tricks in his recently founded online school for social media stars "Edfluencer". Jake's goal: to become the first social media billionaire.