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Project proposal

Cooperative Living & Contributing Spirituality

by Mushin J. Schilling - Contact: [email protected]

short version

More and more people care about participation, spirituality and life on this planet. They feel that they are embedded in constantly expanding networks and environments and want an open, constructive dialogue and mutual support when working on a better world and spiritual wholeness - a planet on which all living beings are at home. This burgeoning, collaborative, cooperative culture is justifiably able to do so Human globalization call; a grassroots movement that more and more people on this planet are participating in.

The need:
So far, our values ​​and practices have almost always come from “vertical structures”; this is especially true with regard to the spiritual / religious learning, practice and life structures that give meaning to life. In the meantime, the Internet offers new ways and means to overcome 'verticality' in many areas (P2P, Wikipedia, open source, 'sharing economy', Web 2.0 etc.). However, such a networked, cooperative, dialogical structure is missing when it comes to finding spiritual values, discussing them in open dialogue and practicing them together.

The project:
Create an internet platform (and at the same time produce a book) that makes a networked, cooperative, dialogical spirituality popular and at the same time is a meeting point that promotes creativity.

Finances required:
Around € 2000 per month in the first year plus around € 8000 for additional investments in employees and software / hardware.

Organization & Expertise:
Mushin has been organizing and leading seminars, events and a community for many years. He is a professional writer and also a trained web designer with a lot of experience. Since he has been involved since the beginning of Internet development, has known the spiritual culture from the inside as a practitioner and for more than 20 years as a teacher / group leader and from the outside as a journalist, he brings everything with him that is necessary for the realization of this project. ( Your comments please here.)


The need

Essential values ​​and ways of life almost always come from “vertical structures”; this is especially true when it comes to spiritual / religious learning, practice and life structures.
A look at Google reveals 9 million hits for the keyword spirituality and religion (150 million in English). Arbitrary clicks on 50 links of it show (as well as my research so far) that almost all of these files contain a pre-made Representing a theory / belief that you either agree or disagree with. If the files reveal the social structure behind the conviction, then they show up here exclusively vertical hierarchies. The values ​​to be conveyed are essentially monological and are conveyed from top to bottom. Nowhere is value communication seen as a dialogical process, nor is there really any value placed on joint exploration of spiritual realities and values. The main thing here is: "Accept it or leave it."
The only websites that express dialogical spirituality are those of the P2P Foundation. There are still a handful of Internet presences that deal in the broadest sense with cooperative, dialogical, participatory spirituality, but on a very high cognitive and above all theoretical level.

The Internet now offers new ways and means in many areas to overcome 'verticality' (P2P, Wikipedia, open source, 'sharing economy', Web 2.0 etc.). This movement seems to usher in a new cultural evolution towards a new quality of relationships between people and in the organization of information, production and everyday life. While the network structures just mentioned grow, the lack of a networked, cooperative, dialogical structure becomes more and more obvious, because only such a structure enables those involved to find and live a networked, cooperative, dialogical spirituality including the associated values ​​and practices .

This illustrates the need for such a helpful element: an internet platform dedicated to the development and testing of dialogical, participatory and cooperative spiritual values. This platform must be easily accessible and understandable and integrate existing information and approaches.

And finally: Wherever dialogical, cooperative and participatory values ​​are currently expressed, this is done in English. The Internet platform will therefore work in three languages ​​from the start (German, Czech and English). (Please write your comments here.)

The project

Goal setting
To popularize the view and values ​​of the burgeoning culture - dialogue, cooperation, participation - and to create a medium for maximum interaction, communication, learning and collaboration, even beyond traditional and modern boundaries.

Within the next three months

  • Develop the basic design and initial content of an innovative and open Internet platform that serves the needs of those who want to lead a life according to dialogical, cooperative and participatory values ​​- using software and technologies that reflect these values.
  • find enough patrons, sponsors and other contributors to help the project flourish for at least a year.
  • find contributors for web design, programming, content, and translation.
  • check the opportunities for cooperation with spiritual forums, magazines and online communities such as "zaads".
  • develop the main content of the book on the "cooperative turn" in spirituality and then contact desired authors (Jorge Ferrer, John Heron, Ed Harris, Richard Tarnas, Christian de Quincy, etc.)

Within of the next six months, up to 9 months:

  • The Internet platform is entering "beta" and is available for input from the target audience as a whole; part of it is a gentle PR campaign in the blogosphere and spiritual forums.
  • Cooperation agreements with German, Czech and English speaking media.
  • Further services are being developed (educational material, audio chats, Spirit Radio 1, etc.)
  • The book is ready for publication
In a year:
  • The internet platform is doing well and attracting a wide variety of users, contributors and creative people from Europe and around the world.
  • Permanent further development of further services, communication and cooperation instruments.
  • The platform is available in other languages ​​(EU fund for translations?)

In two years:

  • The internet platform is one of the most popular meeting places for people who are oriented towards essential values.

Monthly reviews of what has been achieved and the associated course corrections are part of the overall process.

In the first three months the project manager becomes the essential
Doing work, sporadically supported by a secretary,
who speaks all three starting languages ​​of this project fluently.
In the second period the project manager coordinates and formalizes the cooperation between providers, designers, programmers, content providers, cooperation partners and all other participants.(Please write your comments here.)


The realization of this project depends on the funding of both the design and the implementation phase.
It is not planned to finance the platform through advertising but through grants of all kinds, sponsors and, if possible, through memberships based on donations or contributions.
The redistribution of content (e.g. the Spirit Radio Eins Show), special services (education, content) and other sources could contribute to or even guarantee project financing after completion and the introductory period.


Until the end of December 2006: Project management: 1500 €
Until the end of January 2007: Project management: 1500 €
Translations & Secretariat: 500 €
Until the end of March 2007: Project management: 3000 €
Translations & Secretariat: 1000 €
Equipment & software: 4000 €
Until the end of May 2007: Project management: 3000 €
Translations & Secretariat: 3000 €
Server etc .: 750 €
PR activities: 3000 €
Until the end of August 2007:Project management: 4500 €
Translations & Secretariat: 3000 €
 Total: € 28,750

Apart from the project management, these figures are "checked over the thumb" - 1500 € per month is a minimum that keeps me and my family afloat.
Regarding the secretariat: It would be a good thing to have the sum mentioned.
About translations: Since both the book and the platform preferably start in three languages, translations are essential. Exactly how much this will cost is not yet clear. The amount mentioned is probably a minimum.
Hardware & software: This applies to audio & video equipment and software to enable streams and other content management. It is currently very likely that the server services will be sponsored.
Regarding PR: Professional help would be the best and € 3000 is probably the minimum amount that is necessary for this. However, the more money we have available for advertising and PR, the better. (Please write your comments here.)


Sketch of the internet platform

Sponsor A list + link to those sponsors who appreciate this
LearnOn-line "How do you do it?" Courses (such as meditation, contemplation, etc., etc.)
OfflineSeminars & Events
CommunityDialogue (chat)Audio & text
Blog / VlogMembers have free space for it
ProjectsMember projects (e.g. cooperative spirituality research projects)
ServicesCalendar, seminars, books, music, audio / video conferences, learning materials, etc.
radioSpirit Radio One
who we are  Philosophy, goal, etc.
HelppeopleTalk to a volunteer (who has been a member for a while) using audio chat


  • The platform is co-creative in every way, it is created and maintained by the actions of many
  • Members can freely design both the appearance and the content of their user interface
  • Use open source programs wherever possible.

Sketch of the book

Cooperative Spirituality - embedded in the richness of life

1 Introduction
2. Who am I? Who are you? What's between us
3. Living in a universe of relationships, networks and systems
4. From the vertical view to a collaborative / networked vision
5. Communication, real dialogue & communion
6. Community
7. Work, practice and everyday life

(Please write your comments here.)



If I try to trace the flow of development that has put me on the trail of a dialogical, collaborative spirituality, then I should probably do that first Community Building Seminar where I assisted Sanji at a place called "Energy World" in 1996. This was my first deep experience with "collective consciousness" - one participant put it this way at the time: "I have a feeling we are a Beings with 40 heads and 80 arms and legs. " Still, I wasn't ready then to really understand what that meant; probably because I was still very interested in personal enlightenment.

A question from a participant in the first one deliberately brought me on the trail Living Field Transformation Training in the summer of 2006: "How come, Mushin, that you never talk about the we?" Since up to now I was actually quite satisfied with what I had achieved and acted as a spiritual teacher for some people and taught what I had learned myself on my way to date - to help people to experience 'transpersonal' and spiritual dimensions - This question hit me in the core.
So I read Martin Buber's "Me and You" and "The Dialogic Principle". Both books showed a spirituality that is not in me or in you between us is. The more I went in depth, the more I had to question my role as a spiritual teacher and the way I led the community here in the Czech Republic. And then I left these roles behind ...

While researching the ways spirituality continues to make sense in today's world, I stumbled upon a lot of abuse (power, sex, money) from people who I previously believed had left this far behind. And I was looking for reasons for it. One of them gradually peeled off. I called it "The Patriarchal Seduction" and wrote an article with the same title (in shorter form in October in the Connection released).

The exploration and the associated change in my life and seminars has not done my financial situation any good, to say the least. It seems that the people I worked with up until then were more interested in a partriarchal kind of spirituality in which the seminar leader positions himself as the source of all good things and as a competent authority for all good and true things in life and spirituality. But I became more and more of a questioner - "What did you learn How did this experience come about? What does it mean to you? " etc. - explored together with people what is between us and fulfilled the role of spiritual authority less and less. "What are you competent in? Which of your abilities to connect with the spiritual do you want to expand? How can we help each other?" With questions like this one, I lost around two thirds of the regular participants in my seminars and trainings.

I realized that an important reason for this is that I have not yet repositioned myself in the spiritual arena. What I stand for and what 'cooperative spirituality' is must be clarified and brought into the public eye. This is also a reason that I am writing a book (with contributions from Jorge Ferrer, John Heron, Ed Harris, Richard Tarnas, Christian de Quincy, which I will ask to write for 'beginners') and a