Sold IBM Lotus Notes

IBM sells Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections, Portal and other products

Last year, IBM announced a partnership with the Indian service provider HCL. HCL took over development, maintenance and support for Notes, Domino and Sametime, as before for other IBM software products. Sales and marketing stayed with IBM. heise online reported "IBM is pushing Notes, Domino and Sametime" and was severely scolded by IBM for this. Nobody intends to deport the products. Now, however, IBM is nailing it and selling everything that was left of Lotus to HCL Technologies.

HCL has already proven this year with the Domino V10 release that they want to get the old warhorse moving again. Domino V11 should come next year. HCL also sees a future for Connections, after IBM has saved a lot in recent years. Saving costs was the name of the game, development was severely curtailed. Where IBM laid off developers, HCL is now hiring.

IBM gets $ 1.8 billion

In addition to the Lotus portfolio, HCL also buys IBM Portal, which powers the Lufthansa website, Appscan, a product for secure software development, the device management software BigFix, the marketing software Unica, and IBM Commerce. With two exceptions, HCL already has existing partnerships: Connections and Commerce.

The purchase of IBM is expected to bring in 1.8 billion dollars. HCL investors were not enthusiastic. The purchase price seems too high for an additional sales volume of around 650 million. After the planned transaction was announced, the share price fell by 7.7 percent. After the necessary approval by the regulatory authorities, the deal is expected to close in mid-2019. With that, IBM's ICS collaboration division will be completed. What is still on board, such as the Slack competitor Watson Workspace, which has been developed in recent years, can be confidently written off. It is unclear whether IBM will remain a Notes customer at HCL. Rumor has it that an Exchange pilot is already running. (vowe)

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