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Shenyang Road Network Technological Cooperation., Ltd. Established in 200 5. The kernel of our company is R&D, and we have two companies. The first company specializing in the manufacture and development of road marking machines that are used for marking road lines. The second company specializes in the development and manufacture of polymer membrane materials, which are mainly used for the instruments of oil filters, gas water purifiers and water filters. Products: road marking machines: hand pressing marking machines (thermoplastic), self-contained integrated marking machines (thermoplastic), self-propelled marking machines (thermoplastic), self-contained separate vibration marking machines (thermoplastic), zebra crossing marking machines (thermoplastic) , mini-marking machines, thermoplastic kneaders (hydraulic double-cylinder), thermoplastic kneaders (hydraulic single-cylinder), line remover, high-pressure blow molding machines, wire cleaners, solar energy warning light signs, thermoplastic paints, vibration paints, the ingredient of vibration paints and the equipment of manufacturing colors. Polymer membrane material: All kinds of the membrane liquid purification instruments that range for technical machines, water applications, and gas water purifiers are used for manufacturing filter core filter products. Supply of customers: project and application technology focus on development and offers individual solutions for customers special applications and needs; the r & d develops new products in a very short time as customer-specific requirements.

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