Which is the best type of RAM

Buying RAM: you need to know that

The RAM is the short-term memory of your computer. There the PC saves everything that is required to have the programs and data currently in use ready. The main memory physically consists of components, the so-called RAM bars. On most PCs and laptops, these can be exchanged for larger ones or supplemented with additional bars. The acquisition of new RAM is complicated because there are different types of RAM bars that are not compatible with each other. When buying, it is important to correctly interpret the various abbreviations in the product description of the RAM

This is how RAM works

Your PC stores programs and data in different places. The following applies: the faster the memory, the better it is for the operating speed of the system, but the more expensive the memory is. The most expensive and fastest memory is the CPU's cache. The slowest and - in terms of size - the cheapest are hard drives and SSDs.

The RAM sits between the two. When you start a program or load a file, it migrates from the hard disk / SSD to the main memory and the CPU accesses the data there. If you use many programs and data at the same time, this requires a corresponding amount of RAM.

If it runs out, Windows takes an emergency measure: it moves part of the data to the swap file. This slows down your PC, because this file is on the slower hard drive / SSD. From all of this it follows that your PC needs more RAM to work efficiently, the more programs and data you run or edit at the same time. Fortunately, most PCs have expandable memory.