What is your organization

Your organization

Everything about your contract data and the global settings for your organizational account.

General data

Here you will find an overview of the current status of your organizational account. For example, you can see at a glance how many users already exist in your organization.

To get to the respective settings, simply click on the corresponding area.

  • PlagScan banner

    If you set a banner link to PlagScan on your site, we will grant you a 5% discount. Just give us the link to the said website.

    1. click on PlagScan bannerto open the corresponding menu.
    2. Open the banner page in a new browser tab.
    3. Choose the banner that you want to include on your website.
    4. Copy the HTML code and paste it on your website.

    Please provide us with the link to the relevant website to receive a 5% discount.

    1. Copy the URL that shows the PlagScan banner.
    2. Click the input area next to Url.
    3. Paste the copied url.
    4. Test that the URL works and that the banner is actually visible.
    5. click on save Changes.
  • Contract information

    Here you can see the current contract period, the details of the license type, such as the current volume consumption.


Here you will find all the information about your billing and how you can adjust it.

  • bills

    You can find all paid and outstanding invoices in the drop-down menu and can view, download or print them out. Outstanding invoices can also be paid here directly if you have chosen PayPal or credit card as the means of payment. You can always find more information about paying with other means of payment on the invoice itself.

  • Billing address

    Enter your contact information and the correct billing address here.

  • Invoice dispatch

    This section is only shown if you have a contract with PlagScan. Here you can set the dispatch route for your invoice.

    • Electronic dispatch (All billing-relevant messages are sent to the e-mail address specified here. This may differ from the e-mail address that is stored for the administrator)

    • Postal delivery (The invoices will be sent to the address provided under the invoice address. Note: Additional postage costs may arise.)

  • Means of payment

    • Bank Transfer (Payments are processed within 3-4 days)

    • PayPal / credit card (You can pay directly with a PayPal account or your credit card. In particular, this means of payment gives you the option of conveniently paying your fees automatically. Your card details are securely stored by our PCI-compliant payment provider.)

    • SEPA direct debit (This option is only available for countries that have signed the "Single Euro Payment Area" agreement. By choosing this payment method, you allow us to automatically collect the due payments from your account.)

    • check (With this means of payment, you send us a check issued to PlagScan GmbH by post)

Global guidelines

Here you can define guidelines that should be binding for all users of the organization:

  • Notifications for organization users
  • Document guidelines for your organization's archive
  • Password Policy
  • Data access management