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25 years of "Clueless": Why the film with Alicia Silverstone is still cult

A slight goosebump crawls over the arms when the guitars kick in, The Muffs sing of “Kids in America”, the pink-blue-green lettering appears on the screen: “Clueless” - and Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz with her friends High Life celebrating in Beverly Hills. For a very brief moment, past and present, memory and film, nostalgia and shame mix, actually just like at the moment when you enter your old favorite pub in your hometown at the class reunion.

Perhaps it is precisely this feeling that keeps fueling the cult around the film “Clueless”. 25 years ago, the comedy about a Beverly Hills girl whose mother died of liposuction, who coped with all teen problems with excessive shopping trips on Rodeo Drive and fell in love with the stepbrother came to the cinema. And the film still has a huge fan base. “Clueless” survived for a long time as a VHS cassette in video stores until film became a phenomenon in the streaming era. When Netflix announced in the US some time ago that it would take “Clueless” out of its program, fans started a signature campaign on the Internet to stop this drama (don't worry, it is available again on the platform at the moment, also in Germany).

A quarter of a century is of course a considerable lifespan for a teenage film, which basically only depicts the usual high school dramas: clique stress, semi-wild parties, unrequited love, happy endings. But the film has aged well: The meme-suitable slogans of the film - like the legendary "As if!" As a judgment on high school boys - made a career in the social networks and "Clueless" became synonymous with the 1990s cult of the Instagram generation.