Is Bar Refaeli white or Jewish

Bar Refaeli : Too hot for Israel

Alongside the Uzi and USB stick, it is considered one of Israel's most successful export hits. The top model Bar Refaeli gives her country a friendly and, above all, pretty face and represents the otherwise not necessarily popular country in international glossy magazines and TV shows. Nevertheless, it is always offensive at home.

Now one of their swimwear commercials has landed on the index, once again. The clip was apparently so revealing that it had to be defused for television. Among other things, a close-up of her tightly covered bottom fell victim to the censorship, as well as a scene in which the 30-year-old puts on her swimsuit behind an open car door. The new version of the commercial also only seems to be kosher to a limited extent: it may only be broadcast after 10 p.m. A month ago, a Refaelis commercial was banned because of "too many sexual indecentities".

Refaeli comes from a secular family. Her parents own a horse farm in central Israel. Her grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Italy, Poland and Lithuania. Her mother Tzipi Levine has already modeled and practically placed the profession in her cradle: She gave her daughter the first photo shoot when she was just eight months old.

In 2002 she made it into the South African edition of "Sports Illustrated". The Israeli tried to gain a foothold in Germany too. In November 2012, she became the presenter of the casting show “Million Dollar Shooting Star” on Sat 1. However, the program ended in a ratings disaster. Just 930,000 people tuned in to the pilot episode. In her home country, however, her popularity has no limits.

And yet: Israel struggles with the blonde beauty, who in 2012 was voted the “most beautiful woman in the world” by the American men's magazine “Maxim”. The Middle Eastern country can use good PR for this.

According to a survey by the BBC, Israel is one of the least popular countries in the world, just ahead of North Korea, Pakistan and Iran. In the Middle East conflict, the country, which is about the size of Hesse and has a population of around eight million people, is seen as the aggressor. Organizations such as the "BDS" movement are launching international boycotts against the Jewish state, with increasing success. An “ambassador” like Refaeli would come in handy. But she regularly produces scandals with which she turns part of society against herself.

She dodged military service

Above all, many of her compatriots resent her avoiding military service. That it should be the shelter of all Jews worldwide is part of the founding myth of the Jewish state. Hence, serving in arms is a patriotic duty for most Israelis. At the age of 21, Refaeli had pulled herself out of the affair with a trick: Because military service only applies to unmarried women, she married for a short time and divorced a short time later. In an interview with the daily newspaper “Jedi’ot Acharonot” she was quoted as saying, among other things: “Why is it good to die for our country? Isn't it better to live in New York? ”The paper titled the story“ Bar Refaeli against the State of Israel ”. Refaeli felt misrepresented and sued the newspaper.

Colleagues also spoke out in the media critically. Israeli model Agam Rodberg said Refaeli's decision was wrong and that serving in the army was worth it. The army personnel chief called on students to boycott the model, and an Israeli NGO threatened fashion chain Fox with boycott if they hire Refaeli. In 2013 the Foreign Ministry received mail from a spokesman for the armed forces. It criticized a state image campaign in which Refaeli was involved. She was a bad role model for the youth, it said.

Not only media guards and the military, but also Jewish Orthodox clash with the country's best-paid model. "Better marry a nice Jewish boy," she was asked in 2010 by a right-wing activist in an open letter. The extremist protested against Refaeli's long-term liaison with US actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The controversial model recently married for the second time, and this time the relationship should be more in the spirit of religious zealots: In November 2015, she married the Israeli businessman Adi Ezra and announced that she would like to start a “large Jewish family” with him. It is not to be expected that she will refrain from excessively revealing poses in the future. On her Facebook page, she continues to post bikini photos - now with a baby bump.

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