Why Infosys are divided into small business units

Daimler cooperates with Infosys

After receiving all official approvals, Daimler would like to work with Infosys to transform its own IT operating model and infrastructure landscape. The focus is on services at the workplace, data centers, networks, the SAP basis and the service desk area. With this move, Daimler would like to open up the possibility of concentrating more on software development.

Daimler would like to establish a model that guarantees a robust IT infrastructure across plants and regions and supports the consolidation of its data centers, the scaling of its IT operations and the introduction of innovations. The most important goals of this partnership include the establishment of an intelligent hybrid cloud, climate-neutral operation through the consolidation of data centers and a standardized technology stack. At the same time, a person-oriented and AI-controlled workplace infrastructure should be created that should give users the greatest possible scope for action.

As part of the partnership, experts in automotive IT infrastructure in Europe, the USA and the Asia-Pacific region will switch from Daimler to Infosys.

“Software is becoming modular and the IT infrastructure is getting bigger and bigger. Daimler will take three important steps at once to realign its IT infrastructure: Consolidation, scaling and modernization ", explains Daimler CIO Jan Brecht. "We have to think about infrastructure beyond the size of our company."