What happened to Yukimi from Naruto Shippuden

"I don't have to say now that that was more than unreasonable of you Senpai?"


"And I certainly don't have to say that it could have been solved differently!"


"And I don't even have to start mentioning that it is absolutely out of the question that you don't want to go to the hospital!"

"... Tenzou ..."

"Yes Senpai?"

"Could you please loosen the bandage on my leg? I think otherwise I'll get a blood congestion right away! "


Yamato had arrived at Kakashi's home an hour ago after the friend and Senpai had once again failed to show up for a meeting. At first the brown-haired thought that Kakashi would just be late as it was his way and wanted to pick him up at home, but what he found there was a picture of horror for the Kohei!

Kakashi's apartment door had been open and a trail of blood ran through it. Fearful that something really bad would have happened to his Senpai, the wooden ninja ran in and expected the worst.
In fact, Kakashi was lying on the couch in his jounin clothes, which were cut at the legs and chest. The older man had makeshift cloths around the wound on his leg and upper body, looked startled at Yamato when he was standing in front of him in the living room door and looked as if he was going to scream at any moment.

But after Kakashi stopped him by raising his index finger and calmly said he could explain everything, the Kohei had already disappeared into the bathroom, grabbed the first aid kit of the other and began to clean the wounds of the silver-haired man. So he sat here now, bandaging Kakashi's right leg and waiting for the long overdue explanation.

"Senpai, if you don't tell me what happened to you on the spot, then I'll personally drag you on my back to Tsunade-Sama! If I'm honest, I should even do that, no matter what you tell me! "

Kakashi began to smile at the great contradiction of this bizarre situation, as far as you could see it under his mask “Well, but since I really appreciate you and know that you are the best partner a Anbu could wish for in a fight by his side , I am sure that you would never stab me in the back like that, wasn't it Tenzou? "

The addressed grimaced, insulted, and clenched his fist in his pocket. "Of course not ... Senpai!" Oh the young man hated it when Kakashi was so kind to him that he just couldn't contradict him! It had always been like that since he had saved him from Orochimaru so many years ago, and it always would be!
Yamato often thought back to that day when his name was still Tenzou and was tormented by the former Sanin in his laboratory just because he wanted to awaken the power of the first Kage, the special power of the Senjuclan, in the young child. In the end, Orochimaru had made it too, but since Kakashi appeared at the time, wiped out the hiding place on behalf of the 3rd Hokage and with his team, Tenzou was rescued and at some point he vowed to thank Kakashi for it.
Today the two men were not only an unbeatable team, had fought together at Anbu and already caught countless criminals, but were very good friends to this day ... and for Yamato Kakashi would always be a hero whom he adored from the bottom of his heart.

"Ma ... if you really want to know, don't give up anyway. I was on a mission with Gai, Izumo and Kotetsu for the last two days. We found the Nuke-Nin, delivered it and just made our way home. All in all, it was a completed mission. When we were back in Konoha a few hours ago and split up, I was suddenly surprised from behind. "

Yamato screwed up his eyes in disbelief. "YOU were surprised?"

“Nobody said it was easy to catch the Nuke-Nin. Since I had to use my Sharingan a few times, I'm really pretty drained. Anyway, I owe it to Gai that nothing more happened. We caught the leader of this gang, but that one of them would be so tired of running after us in revenge and ambushing me, I never thought of that with my low chakra level. "

The younger one looked worriedly into the Senpai's weak, open eye. "Why did Gai come back again?"
"Hm? Oh ... it's not that important. We had a serious conversation on the mission. "
After the sentence the younger one almost laughed “You had a serious conversation with Gai? With all due respect to Gai, he's a very strong ninja, but that sounds kind of wrong! "

"Ma? No, believe me, if you are alone with Gai, then he is far whiter than you would expect him to be in a group full of people to whom he has to prove himself. He wanted to give me something after giving me advice the first night of our mission. But that doesn't matter now. Since you are here now, I don't think it's necessary to go to Konoha Hospital. The ninja are caught, the mission is done and you can take care of my wounds! "

"WHAT? But… but Senpai… I'm not a professional medicin! ”Of course, Yamato would be very interested in what Kakashi had talked to Gai about alone, but the surprise of Kakashi's subsequent words was already too big.
“It's just wounds Tenzou! We all learned how to handle them in our basic training as an Anbu! A little rest and a little food cooked by you and I'll be like new again! "

Oh yes ... the Senpai had thought it all out cleverly! Yamato sighed, “So you want me to play your serf for a few days for your recovery? How did you think so, please? I have to work! Do you know how many reports Godaime has to write in the next 2 days? I only have time for that now because of the weekend, everything has to be ready by Monday! "

To Yamato's great surprise, Kakashi raised his right hand and pulled his mask off his face, giving the younger one an incredibly charming smile with the rare sight of his lips, so that everyone who saw Kakashi had to get the feeling that there were a lot of flowers around Face bloomed “But Tenzou… you will stand by your old Senpai in this emergency, won't you? I only trust you so much that I would give my life into your hands! You are welcome to stay with me for the weekend and do your work with me. Your Senpai would be eternally grateful to you and would surely return for it at some point! "

Yamato's eyes widened at this unbelievably captivating sight ... his lips ... the younger one loved this smile, which apart from him almost nobody had seen before. With the younger one, Kakashi had already dropped his mask every now and then when they were alone, watching a movie together after work ... and he couldn't put into words what it meant to him to have this privilege.

"I ... I ... but ..." With his last strength of resistance, the younger one still wanted to contradict, because for Kakashi's sake he would find it better to have him treated by a professional doctor, but then Kakashi raised his hand for the second time and Yamato stroked his tousled brown hair lightly

"I knew that I could rely on you Tenzou!"

"Senpai ..." the younger tried again, but no chance!

"Wonderful! So I would love to eat homemade frames tonight! You can do that, right? "
“I DIDN'T SAY YES!” That was so typical! As soon as you gave Kakashi your little finger, he took the whole hand! But what should the younger one do when Kakashi looked at him like that? From his two beautiful eyes, the dark and the mighty red Sharingan?

Kakashi smiled. “I should have everything there that you need for cooking! But when you are done with my wounds on your knees, please have a look at them ... "

In front of Yamato's eyes, the silver-haired one began to take off his jounin vest and pull his top off his head so that the younger one had a clear view of the long cut across Kakashi's chest.
Shaking his head, Yamato pulled another bandage out of the medicine pack and sat down on the other side of the sofa, behind Kakashi. “Now please, without further ado, Senpai! I'll do it if you tell me very clearly and bluntly, why don't you want to go to the hospital? "

As he spoke, Yamato began to spread the bandage so he could then tie it around Kakashi's chest.
"It's because of Tsunade-sama ..."

Irritated, the younger paused briefly in his movement “Because of Tsunade-sama? Why this?"
Not wanting to seem so curious, Yamato kept doing it. He lifted Kakashi's arms from behind and began to wrap the bandage over the wound over the other's chest.
"Exactly because of this Tenzou ..."

"What? What? ”Did not quite understand the addressed.
"How you care for me, how you clean my wounds ... bandage me ..."

Yamato didn't notice how he stopped again in his act ... it suddenly became very quiet in the room ... what did he mean by that? What was he about to say? Yamato felt the heat rise in his cheeks. Did his help mean that much to Kakashi? Maybe ... more than he suspected? Excited, the younger could hear his heart beating in his ears.
"What ... what about it?" The younger shyly asked.

“If Tsunade-sama did that, it would be terrible! Her hands are so incredibly cold that you might think that she is actually not old but already dead! And since she is so strong, she doesn't exactly make it all too sensitive! No, I'd rather stay here on my couch! "

"WHAT??? THAT'S ALL ??? "yelled Yamato, horrified, at Kakashi from behind, who just turned around tired and unimpressed." Is what Tenzou? "

This man just drove him crazy! But what kind of answer had the younger one expected?
“No, of course it's nothing Senpai! So how would you like your frame? "
And even before Yamato had even uttered that sentence, he realized that this would be the beginning of an insanely busy weekend! What did he not do for his beloved Senpai ...

Sequel follows…..

Thank you for reading it !!! If you liked it, then I would be very happy about a picking from you :-D

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