Have you ever helped someone else masturbate?

Female pleasure - we break the taboo subject of masturbation

For years I was hesitant to speak of my desire to speak. While my male friends were chatting incessantly about their sex lives, I somehow never really had a say. By sex life I mean not only sex between two or more people, but also masturbation and exploring your own body. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I've never tried, but the reactions were just too difficult for me. Especially when it came to masturbation. Yes, surprise - women satisfy themselves too!

"Why should we be ashamed of something we all secretly do?"

Despite everything, I learned to speak openly about sexuality earlier than many of my friends - even if I lost my virginity later than most of them. Suddenly it “clicked” and I realized that as a woman I can talk about it as openly as I want. That I too can share my experiences, wishes and questions. Because almost all of us women satisfy ourselves on a regular basis. If you believe the Internet, it's around 90 percent. So why should we be ashamed of something we all secretly do?

Hormone Boost and Pain Relief
Stress, boredom or lust - there is no clear reason why we satisfy ourselves. But there are enough advantages that speak for it. Because masturbation has many effects on our body and mind - among other things, masturbating lifts our spirits. Satisfying yourself can actually reduce negative feelings. The lower the levels of oxytocin in women, the more likely they are to be unhappy. Every orgasm, whether by yourself or someone else, releases oxytocin. This helps keep you happy and reduces your risk of developing depression.

Not only does it have positive effects on the mind, masturbation is also good physically. In addition to being for the obvious purpose of sexual satisfaction, orgasm can help with pain relief and overall health. Lots of women masturbate on their periods - there is a good reason for this. Because through the stimulation and the orgasm, abdominal cramps are relieved. The increased hormone level also has a calming effect and has a positive effect on our immune system.

"Female pleasure doesn't smell like rose petals, nor is it gentle and clean."

The miraculous helpers
If you want to get a little help, you can use sex toys. The choices are as varied as the person and their preferences. Jessica Sigerist has recognized this and sells toys for everyone in her sex-positive and queer-feminist sex shop untamed.love (online from December 1, 2019!). She too has formed an opinion over the years and presents her favorite toys:

Orgasms are fun! That is reason enough why female masturbation should no longer be a taboo subject. Female lust neither smells of rose petals nor is it gentle and clean. Women also sweat and grunt when masturbating and leave stains on bed linen. Sex toys are a great way to have even more fun. Here are three of my favorites that will make you really wet:

Le Wand Massager The wand (“magic wand”) is already a classic among sex toys - if you ever own one, you won't give it up anytime soon. The Le Wand massage stick is my favorite because it is not that big, has a great design and is of good quality. It is used externally for clitoral stimulation and, thanks to its various strengths and speeds, is a great toy for beginners and advanced users.
Chrystalino Doubler The mouth-blown (* haha ​​*) glass dildo from Chrystalino is, with the curved end, great for stimulating the G-surface. A perfect toy for everyone who wants to experience more intense vaginal orgasms and learn to squirt. Both ends can also be used for anal play.
Sierra Sensation vibrator from California Dreaming The larger part of this vibrator can be inserted and used vaginally, while the smaller part rests on the vulva and directly stimulates the clitoris. This double stimulation is an intense experience and the two vibrations can be switched on and off independently of each other.

All from 1st December 2019 available in the online shop at untamed.love.

Not everyone enjoys masturbation. Not everyone feels comfortable with it. But those who do should no longer be ashamed of it. Own your body!

Photo credit (Main): Vanessa Votta