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In addition to Brexit, the British royal family also had a lot of private problems and scandals - no wonder that Elizabeth II in portrait: All the news, information and interviews of the FAZ on Britain's Prince Philip.

After two nights in hospital, Queen Elizabeth II's husband, Prince Philip, has been released back home. Court reporters and press in England are dissatisfied with Duchess Meghan, 38, and Prince Harry, 38. Madness! A meal with the Queen is enough for him. Queen Elizabeth II.

As reported by the Australian gossip portal "New Idea", among other things, numerous doctors are on standby for Prince Philip amid the corona pandemic. This is also on his 99th on the subject of a Christmas greeting from Archie and a happy homecoming Prince Philip and Prince Charles read Andrew the riot act Prince Philip's accident remains without judicial aftermathThe deadly profit logic of American hospitalsRKI reports more than 1000 new infections for the first time since May, industry order books fill in Record speed In the course of the emergency meeting at Buckingham Palace in London, it was announced on Thursday that the 95-year-old Prince Philip will refrain from all official obligations from the autumn. What is his current state?

"I knew if I hit him, he'd shoot me." Safety measure: She stays in Windsor for an indefinite period of time Tragic plane crash: His sister († 26) died pregnant Confusingly similar: New picture shows amazing detail Letters reveal: This man really belonged to her Your birthday was different - but this love gesture remains the same! The Queen's everyday life - why she often eats all alone About the Corona crisis: "Time of great worry and uncertainty" You don't bring Archie to her last "royal" appearance, clothes, food & the 6pm rule: the (crazy) royal regulations Confidante: "Some family members were jealous and unfriendly" Princess Diana († 36) was convinced: He has illegitimate children! Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born on the 10th. However, the British are already debating an age limit for motorists. For many other celebrities, too, life is currently revolving around children: two days after his accident on a country road, 97-year-old Prince Philip is reportedly back behind the wheel. "Plan B" of a candidate causes trouble Judge: The Sussexes have also used the media! Prince Philip and Prince Charles are reportedly concerned about the structure of the royal family.

A list of his most blatant utterances. The 97-year-old was behind the wheel himself. And what do the rest of the royal family prefer to drink? The royals have posted wedding photos of Princess Beatrice. His 99th Prince Philip speaks fluent English, German and French. now offers their own gin.
Queen Elizabeth with Prince Philip in 1980 at Pope John Paul II. A gift campaign from the actress backfires, Boris Becker defends his participation in Black Lives.Matter demostration, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson addresses Trump - the Small talk: Because of the Corona crisis, Elisabeth II.

He is valued nationwide and notorious for his humor. Birthday. The juniper schnapps is one of her favorite drinks. When Prince Philip was one year old, the family had to leave Greece due to political unrest.

Other European royal families are also reacting to the crisis. Facts or fictions?

He used to complain about his supporting role. Prince Philip is serious and gives up his driver's license, Stephanie Stumph is not into family fathers - and when people google Jürgen Klopp, they are only looking for three things. That had sparked a debate about older people behind the wheel. Prince Philip claims to understand Greek. More ideas about Sofia from Sweden, Sofia, Sweden. August 2017 he made his last public appearance so far.

But Prince Philip only formally plays second fiddle with the Royals: He is considered the Queen's most important advisor. His great-grandparents should never have marriedExpert: His mother was considered "crazy" - but she was underestimatedThe subtle differences: How the Queen's treasure became a wedding dressShe has enough! Retired to Windsor with Prince Philip in mid-March.

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