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Contents The work area 5 The 3D window 7 Object selection 8 Move / rotate mode 8



2 Contact us: If you have any questions about our products and services, give us a call or send us an. Volume Graphics GmbH Wieblinger Weg 92a Heidelberg, Germany Tel: Tel: Printed in Germany. July Volume Graphics GmbH. All rights reserved. VGL is a trademark of Volume Graphics GmbH. The VGStudio MAX software described in this document is provided under license. The software may only be backed up or used in accordance with the contractual agreements. The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a product specification or obligation on the part of Volume Graphics. No part of this publication may be transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrievable system, or in any form in any form without the express written permission of volume Graphics GmbH Language to be translated. All product names in this document are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Registered and unregistered trademarks are the sole property of their respective owners. Volume Graphics GmbH makes no claim to such trademarks and does not consent to the misuse or incorrect application of these trademarks, either willingly or knowingly.

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5 ..... Zoom 20 Set zoom factor 20 Zoom in / out - Zoom in / out 20 Fit object to window 21 Fit scene to window - Fit scene to window 21 Reset 21 Coordinate system / Coordinate system 21 Display mode 21 Configure slice view 21 Thick slab 21 Activate thick slab mode 21 Slab thickness 21 Combine mode 22 Scaling (only in Average mode) 22 Max. Number of slices / Max. Slice Count 22 OVERSAMPLING FACTOR / OVERSAMPLING FACTOR 22 Non-planar resampling / Non-planar resampling 22 Slice step width 23 Level / Window mode 23 Background 23 Marker / Analysis marker - Annotations 23 Text overlay 23 Clipping 23 Interpolation mode 23 Scale bar 23 Axis overlay / tripod overlay 23 Reset 24 Copy to clipboard 24 Properties 24 The profile window 24 Material mode 25 Lock 25 Zoom in / out - Zoom in / out 25 Context menu of the profile window 25 Copy to clipboard / copy to clipboard 25 Reset zoom / reset zoom level 25 Create interval / create interval 25 Delete interval 26 Export as CSV / export as CSV 26 Tool trays / Tooldocks 26 Icon bars / Icon bars 26 Display unit 27 Status line / Status bar 27 Version 2.2 VGStudio MAX manual III


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12 Handling of the opacity curve / manipulation of the opacity transfer function 152 Gray value histogram and zoom / Gray value histogram and zoom 153 Intervals 153 Isosurface 154 ROI render settings 154 Appearance 154 Ambient 154 Diffuse 155 Specular 155 Transparency / Transparency 156 Swap 156 Clipping 157 Rendering settings 158 Isosurface renderer 158 Volume renderer (Phong) / Volume renderer (Phong) 158 Volume renderer (Scatter HQ) 158 Hardware renderer (Scatter HQ) 158 Röntgen / X -Ray 159 Sum along Ray 159 Maximum of Projection / Maximum Projection 159 Scatter (v1.2) 159 Scatter HQ (v1.2) 159 Scatter Gradient (v1.2) 159 Remarks on the renderers / Remarks on renderers 159 Oversampling 160 normalize gradients 160 Limitations of specific renderers Da s Surface extraction tool 163 Status information / Status information 164 General 164 Template / Preset selection 164 Surface definition 164 Extraction parameters 165 Result destination 166 Extraction 166 Resampling 166 Point reduction 166 Simplification 167 Simplification 168 X VGStudio MAX manual version 2.2

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18 Export as CSV 238 Copy to clipboard 238 Gray value range 238 Min./Max Gray value - Min / Max gray value 238 Size range / Volume range 239 Min./Max. 2

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24 31 The "Defect Analysis" module 333 Settings 334 Template / Preset Selection 334 Algorithm / Algorithm 335 Analysis mode 336 Material parameters 336 Analysis parameters for VGDefX (v2.2) / analysis parameters for VGDefX (v2.2

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31 WELCOME Thank you for purchasing a Volume Graphics product. This manual is the operating manual for VGStudio MAX 2.2 and explains the options, menus and dialogs. It also contains references to other sources of information such as online help and support as well as tutorials. This documentation is part of the product - please read it carefully. Make sure that all documentation is available throughout the life of the product. Should ownership of this product (if permitted within the scope of our license conditions) pass to another person, it must be ensured that the entire installation package, including all additional materials, is passed on to the new license holder. When you update your software installation, new versions or additional materials may be included. Please ensure that you always use the version of the manual and additional materials associated with the product. About this product / About this product VGStudio MAX is a software package for the visualization and analysis of voxel data. It is used in a wide variety of applications, including industrial CT data analysis, medical research, life sciences, animation, and many more. Function Description Product name VGStudio MAX version 2.2 TABLE 1-1: PRODUCT INFORMATION Version 2.2 VGStudio MAX manual 1-1

32 1 WELCOME About this product Function Description ME11 The processing of voxel data requires considerable system resources. Therefore, before starting VGStudio MAX, all other applications with high main memory or CPU requirements should be closed if possible. Manual version Optional additional modules a Scope of delivery c Before first usage Information on how to install VGStudio MAX 2.2 and how to request a license can be found in the installation instructions. Preparations / Warnings-Preparations / Warnings Wall thickness analysis / Wall Thickness Analysis Porosity / Inclusion Analysis / Porosity / Inclusion analysis Extended Porosity / Inclusion Analysis-Enhanced Porosity / Inclusion Analysis Coordinate measurement technology / Coordinate Measurement target / actual comparison / Actual / Nominal Comparison fiber composite analysis / Fiber Composite Material Analysis Feldkamp CT reconstruction Planar CT reconstruction Helix CT reconstruction Iterative artifact reduction (IAR) b Installation package (downloaded from the Internet or on CD-ROM), platform-specific according to order, language package ad, manual and additional materials such as sample data TABLE 1-1: PRODUCT DETAILS a. Available at an additional cost. May not be included in the scope of delivery. If necessary, contact Volume Graphics GmbH. b. Technology licensed from Fraunhofer EZRT c. For information on how to request a license that activates the product, see the installation guide. d. Information about the availability of individual languages ​​is available from Volume Graphics on request. When data is loaded and processed in VGStudio MAX 2.2, there is a risk that the data will be accidentally changed without the possibility of restoring the original state of the data. Before using the software to process your own data, you should therefore always make a backup copy to avoid unintentional changes. In the event of a system crash or system overload, your work may not be saved or restored 1-2 VGStudio MAX Manual Version 2.2

33 WELCOME About this product ..... be. You should therefore save your work at regular intervals, especially after time-consuming or complex processing steps. Your work with VGStudio MAX may be subject to statutory provisions or internal company regulations. Please contact your supervisor in this regard. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice. We assume no liability for errors and mistakes. Some of the features described in this guide may not be available in your version. The availability of functions depends on the operating system, software version, hardware, license, licensed modules, etc. Additional information and support This manual is part of the VGStudio MAX documentation. There are also other documents on specific tasks or topics. You can find tutorials in the installation directory of VGStudio MAX, other documents on your download account, e.g. B. the installation instructions. Some documents are available in different languages. If there are differences between the documents, the English version is decisive. Holders of a maintenance contract receive priority support from our support. Please contact Volume Graphics via: Conventions used in the documentation The following conventions are used throughout the documentation: Main menus and software tools are each described in a separate chapter. Cross-references such as see chapter are linked and can be clicked to follow the link. Menu items, labels etc. are highlighted in sans serif font and in blue. System information / System information Information about hardware requirements and troubleshooting can be found in the document system_information.pdf in the installation directory. You can also download the current hardware requirements from the Download / Info Center on our website: Version 2.2 VGStudio MAX manual 1-3