Times Square will change its name

Times square

During the day it is full of people. In the evening it shines in all colors - and is full of people: The Times square is the center of the New Yorker Theater Districts. The square with the famous neon signs is on the Intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenues between 42nd Street and 47th Street.

In addition to countless theaters, there are many restaurants, fast food chains, hotels and companies such as MTV Studios, Sony, Virgin Records and the NASDAQ technology exchange in the area around Times Square.

It's beautiful here in the evening

Times Square is best visited in the evening when the many colored lights shine. Don't forget the camera, the many lights will almost always take good pictures. If you pay close attention you may notice that some people, atypical for New York, slow down a little and look up at the bright screens and advertisements.

By the way, you can also go here at a late hour shopping: Because many shops here are open until midnight, including M & Ms World, the Disney Store, Grand Slam New York (souvenirs!) And many more.

An unloved place becomes famous

In 1904 the Renamed Longacre Square in Times Square. Theaters, musical houses, bars and cabarets were located close together in this area. To draw the customers' attention, many advertised with large billboards. In the 1950s and 60s, theaters closed, buildings demolished, and the area changed completely: porn cinemas opened, drug dealers and prostitutes did their business here. Mid 70s Times Square was considered one of the years most dangerous areas of New York City.

In the 1950s and 60s, things looked very different: Porn cinemas, drug dealers and prostitutes shaped Times Square.

In the 1980s became Times Square and the area revived, the Times Tower (Times Square was named after the Times newspaper) has been renovated. Buildings were demolished and rebuilt. Companies like MTV, Sony, and Vogue came along. The Times Square Two building was opened in 1990, and the well-known has been attached to it ever since Coca Cola neon sign.

The ball falls on New Year's Eve

Times Square is famous for that New Years Eve Party. Every year one of the most famous New Years celebrations in the world takes place here in Midtown Manhattan. It all started in 1904 when the New York Times hosted a New Year's Eve party. Every year around a million people gather to watch the ball drop (lowering of a large ball made of crystals and LED lights) and to sing the New Year's song Auld Lang Syne.


In the evening come and the Neon signs have a look, browse the stores of the big brands (Disney, M&M, Hershey's and others).

A musical or one show visit on Broadway. Tickets and more information are available here. *

Get there

Subway: Times Square, 42nd St (1, 2, 3, N, Q, R, 7, S)

Intersection of Broadway - 7th Avenue (Level 46th St), Manhattan, NY 10036




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