What is the best military weapon

Military capacities and resources

Which country spends the most money on armaments? Who has the biggest army? To which countries does Germany deliver armaments? And how many? In comparison, which country spends the most on arms imports?

The module "Military capacities and resources“Offers in the three subject areas Military resources, Militarization and Arms trade Answers to these questions.

The topic Military resources is divided into three chapters, which allow figures and comparisons between states in relation to military spending, the level of military personnel and the number of heavy weapons systems. The money that states invest in their armed forces - to pay their soldiers, recruit new soldiers, and buy or maintain weapon systems and military equipment - is commonly reflected in their military spending or "defense budget". Military spending has been increasing worldwide since 2001 and has since reached a new high almost every year.

The topic Militarization is represented using an index that calculates the degree of militarization based on the resources and capacities that are available to the state armed forces. The topic sheds light on how the current militarization came about Arms trade, in which maps of the global arms trade as well as the recipient countries of German arms exports can be displayed.

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