What are examples of double letters

Gases or alley?

Gase: Emphasize the vowel a and speak to him long out!

Gasse: Emphasize the vowel a and speak to him short out!

To show that the stressed Vowel (a, e, i, o, u) short should be pronounced, one doubles the next letter (consonant) that follows this vowel.
The double letter is called Double consonant.

Examples: Summer, sun, chain, cardboard, fountain pen ...

When a stressed vowel short is pronounced, follow two consonants.

Tips and Tricks

If you are unsure whether or not to write a word with a double consonant, you should pronounce the word very clearly and put it in Syllables disassemble.

Example: Water, swim

It can be the double consonant at the end of the word stands.

Example: Fur, nice

You have to lengthen these words first and then speak them in syllables:

the fur: the fur; nice: the nice children

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There are two exceptions: k + z

If you double these two letters after a stressed, short vowel, you write:

  • ck instead of kk: Trick, jacket, dachshund
  • tz instead of zz: Heat, cap, rush
  • exceptions are Foreign words / technical terms, such as
    sketch, Pizza and jacket.