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Translation of "a bad sign" in Turkish

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And the people you have chosen to be your guide are too a bad sign.
This is a bad sign, or not?
After a few seconds, some things will happen on their own on the computer, which they normally do a bad sign is.
Birkaç saniye sonrasındaysa bilgisayarda kendi kendine birtakım işler dönmeye başlar, ki bu genelde kötüye işarettir.
Are self-talk a bad sign.
I just thought it is a bad signthat we're running out of "two for the price of one" sticker.
"Bir Alana Bir Bedava" label maker bitmek üzere olmasının kötüye işaret olduğunu düşünüyordum.
A bad signto be oppressed by one's own happiness.
Clearly a bad sign among people who go out together.
If your name isn't exactly "Conan", this is it a bad sign.
Do you know why a bad sign is?
Is it a bad signthat O'Neill didn't answer?
The wolves today were a bad sign.
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