Why are companies still making flip phones

Translation of "who like flip phones" in German

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This phone will especially appeal to customers who like flip phones.

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And my flip phone is blowing up with opportunities.
The Motorola flip phone - that came from Star Trek.
Nolcorp has gone the way of the flip phone.
Take for example a round display of flip phone by Samsung.
For example a round screen of the flip phone take through Samsung.
I still have a flip phone.
I don't know who you are, so please exit the premises before I call the police on my stylish new flip phone.
Where can I get a new flip phone?
The 1996 StarTAC, the first flip phonewhat is influential throughout the industry.
The 1996 StarTAC, the first Flip phone, was influential across the industry.
The day she received her unlimited flip phone she was estatic.
The day she received her unlimited Hit phoneshe was estatic.
This is the first phone on our website that features the clam shell style, ie a flip phone.
The Motorola ZN4 mobile phone combines the cutting-edge convenience of touch with the familiar comfort and easy handling of a flip phone design.
With his slim Design and the individual Palm 'Shortcuts' for Windows Mobile Professional provide that Smartphone a unique Combination of simple operation and high performance - email, WLAN and GPS included.
The flip phone design is married to a powerful, yet compact, keyboard with speedy word predictive text and an enhanced organizer making it quick and simple to type messages, remain organized and stay connected.
With features like push email support, QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth 1.2, Microsoft Office Mobile 5.0, and Picsel Viewer, that lets you do that Samsung SGH-i320 smartphone nothing to be desired.
"Consumers will love the advanced feature set that keeps them connected, wrapped up in a great way flip phone, "said Mike Selman, director, T-Mobile USA.
With the Samsung SGH-i320, Samsung combines the functions of a PDA with the ease of use of a Cell phones.
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