What are the FEMA concentration camps

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Reviewed in Germany on August 30, 2014

Dissatisfaction, ought to obey, no contradiction, calm, swimming with the flow, ducking, bowing your head, nodding off the prevailing opinion, this well-known book has found its way to me.

For "us late-born" there are factual descriptions that the previous generations already knew in part. These camps in Russia were probably known by rumors and contributed to the image of the Soviet Union, helping to defend themselves against these waves of expropriation and terrorism.

Shocking. What only lasted "a few years" in Hitler's Germany has apparently been happening in Russia since the years after the First World War. The arrest and eviction of people, apparently by the thousands and tens of thousands, they were taken out and taken to the camps.

The pattern is roughly known.
What is less well known is that today's USA - let's take 2014 - has set up over 500 concentration camps that are on standby. With multiple barbed wire, dog walks, watchtowers, they are almost a copy of the earlier English or German camps, although they are more solidly built and equipped with large kitchens, "facilities", etc. There are now over 650. And they are also publicly known and mapped there and on Google.

They are still empty, unless people are accommodated there and taken care of after natural disasters. Impending shadows of the future? However, there are also camps in which people can be dragged out, taken out, separated and isolated if they - in an undesirable way - revolt against political life.

These camps are called> fema camps <, they also call it> fema concentration camps <, and information about this has been available on YouTube for several years. Many became aware of these spacious camps through the so-called "fema coffins", which are plastic coffins that are in the hundreds of thousands, by the millions, in places in the landscape, and are piled up in large high rows. Probably over hundreds of thousands of such coffins or casket wrappings in many places, which fell and are noticeable. People drive down the streets and film these plastic coffin boxes, as well as these "fema camps". Fema is the North American emergency agency, as you can find on wiki.

These coffin covers are justified by the fact that coffins would sink into boggy areas and that this is why these plastic coffin covers would be used. Household items can also be stored in it when hurricanes destroy an area. Other prepared, empty "mass graves" are also discovered, which supposedly serve other purposes. Outbreaks of epidemics and others are mentioned. Fema is the emergency authority in the states. From there the information thread continues to these large-scale camps. What Americans, the people, should think about it, they disagree.

Solchenitsyn's book is long after the first few pages. But - so help me God - I'll walk through and on. The author's literary temperament is definitely moving and stimulating.

The attraction of such a "big one" is also
that I have had this Holy Spirit or God shine through for decades, which can be seen around the clock. And now it has also been confirmed by others. It can not only be presented and demonstrated, but also photographed. I want to present this photo - in very large enlargement - for free soon, probably in the early summer of 2015: This silent face of the visual revelation can be seen on all photos and photographs. Really a big deal.
Only one thing can hardly be realized: to write a (maybe boring) book. One that is drowned in the floods of ordinary books. Uncommon, unusual: Because this face can really be seen and perceived; do not just describe in sentences. Since the beginning of this "God activity" I suspect that the deceased can also see this quiet face, so Mr. Solchenizyn as well as Mr. Goethe or Mr. Einstein or Siegmund Freud.

Other living people here can also photograph this peculiar revelation and then see the kind and angry face in their photos too. It is visible around the clock, does not manipulate. These photos, however, can now be put into a book. And then something like a HolySpirit, angel or God transparency can be realized, which can be seen and recognized in these photos of a book. Truly a new way of knowing -

It all started when I started quitting nonsmokers earlier, before, to become more essential, or whatever. Then I made the find, the discovery ...
And what do you think, Mister Solchenitsyn, now in the hereafter?
> visual revelation, face