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The expectations that are placed on porn are usually not particularly high: the main thing is that you climax as quickly as possible. Bringing films with a claim, i.e. actual content, to the public is usually a difficult and not very lucrative undertaking. But one man has made exactly that his task and created a ranking for everyone who doesn't want to turn off their brains completely during sex.

Paul Fishbein has seen thousands of porn. But he is interested in it as a film and not as a model for masturbation. That is why he founded "Adult Video News" in 1983 - an industry magazine whose importance for the porn market was once compared by the New York Times with that of Billboard for the record market. Once a year Fishbein organizes the "AVN Awards", the Oscar equivalent for porn films.

The magazine hasn't been around since 2010, but Fishbein is still interested in portraying the porn scene. For this reason he published his selection of the ten best porn films of all time, which we would not like to withhold from you.

10. Pirates (2005)

"Pirates" * was the first to hit a million dollar budget. The special effects are supposed to be able to keep up with the sex content in terms of arousal of the viewer.

9. Fashionistas (2002)

This film holds the record for most AVN Awards film nominations - 22 to be precise. "Fashionistas" * is the first porn film to make sadomasochistic scenes mainstream.

8. Roommates (1981)

For Fishbein the first film that also wanted to meet the demands of women.

7. Corruption (2006)

American constitutional law as a topic in a sex film? This film manages this balancing act and is also supposed to be incredibly erotic.

6. Fall (2008)

This film made it into the ranking because the leading actress Jessica Drake can have sex in all imaginable positions at the same time, while adequately miming an angel who is in danger of being thrown out of the sky.

5. Blonde Ambition (1981)

And again a film from the eighties: Here you get a mix of innocent MGM backstage musicals from the 1940s and hardcore porn.

4. The Devil in Miss Jones (2005)

The title speaks for itself: According to Fishbein, this remake is better than his 1973 original "The Devil and Miss Jones" *.

3. Scoundrels (1982)

The first AVN Best Picture Awards winning film is about a notorious philanderer and psychiatrist. Ron Jeremy shines in the lead role.

2. The Opening of Misty Beethoven (1975)

2nd place for oldest porn on this list! The way sex was built into the story was groundbreaking at the time.

1. Nothing to Hide (1981)

For Fishbein, "Nothing to Hide" is the best sophisticated porn film of all time. A well-acted romance with hot sex scenes - that would never have happened before.

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