Do you like the weekend

Loft Music German translation
of The Weeknd

Loft Music Lyrics Translation

You see my brain is melting
And the only thing I say
Is that I live for the moment
And there is no future

So baby take off your clothes
An opportunity like this
you never get back to show
Show, show
Show what you're talking about
Unless you like to tease baby
And in reality
don't you know how to please baby
Blue Ball Queen
Have a damn seat baby
Or get through it now
Now I know you wanna scream baby

I am better than your next guy
And when you swing
I see you're dumber than the next guy
Because I don't play
Unless they're notes
Then I play all day
Do you like the grades
We play them all day
Wet dream
Sizzling up your brain all day

I think you've lost your morals girl
But that's okay
Because you don't need them where we're going
In this two-story loft in the middle of the city
After you walked around town with me
I promise you will see
That I'm just a fucking 20 girl
Bring your thoughts into the dream world
What are you doing in the bathroom
I hear noises in the bathroom
Baby it's okay
We can do it in the living room.
Just a few conditions
The only girls we fuck
have taken twenty different pills
and tell us they love us
Even if they actually want another man
And the other man his slut wants another man
Eddie Murphy shit
Yes, we are changing places
Study stanzas for them
And then we fuck their faces

yes we know how to get enthusiasm
Mix it with the grass
Come fuck with us
I'm rude, motherfucker, I'm rude
Love so lost
and my nigga
Man, these bitches can't touch what we've got
If you want it
I'm tearing apart every nigga I meet
And I have it, yes I have it
Until the end of our life
Life is a movie
filmed independently
we against the city
Please don't be offended
If we don't answer your calls.
And when you have a problem
Come and find us, we'll talk
About that
What is it, young whore?
Can you do it
Got a loft
you are excited
you are excited

Writer (s): Tesfaye Abel, Rose Jeremy, Legrand Victoria Garance Alixe, Scally Alex Kristian Lyrics powered by

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