How would you market an audio book

Sell ​​audiobooks - this is how you get rid of your audiobooks

Audio book

There are many retailers such as Weltbild or Thalia who sell audio books. But what if you've already listened to an audio book and no longer need it? You then have the option to sell your digital book again.

Here's what you need to know if you want to sell an audiobook

  1. Digital content cannot wear out, which is why selling it works differently than normal books.
  2. With copy protection, the dealers try to prevent unauthorized persons from creating multiple copies of an audio book and giving it away for a much lower price or free of charge.
  3. The resale of these digital files was therefore prohibited by a ruling by the Higher Regional Court.
  4. By purchasing an audiobook as a download, you only get the right to use the file.
  5. Therefore, if you do not want to buy an audio book digitally, you can also buy a CD from some providers.

Here's how you can sell audio books on CD

  1. There are various portals on which you can sell your old audio books.
  2. Enter the ISBN or the barcode on and click the "GO" button.
  3. You will be shown directly how much you will get for the audiobook. From 10 euros you can send the audio book to Momox free of charge. However, this is only possible with audiobooks that you bought on CD.

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