Was Louis Riel a traitor

Treason! - The trial of Louis Riel, July 1885

Berlin, Germany - January 3, 2018 Frosted Games is proud to announce its first novelty of 2018. With Treason! - The trial of Louis Riel, July 1885 the German version of High Treason! - The Trial of Louis Riel, July 1885 in spring 2018.

Treason! - The trial of Louis Riel, July 1885

The western expansion of Canada took a different course than in the United States. Led by mostly French-Catholic fur traders and trappers, the Canadian settlers pushed westward. These pioneers married the indigenous people and brought forth a new breed of people and a new culture - the Métis.

In agreements with the indigenous people, the Métis were not given equal consideration. The Métis wanted to defend their rights against the distant British Protestant government based in eastern Canada. In 1869, that resentment turned into the Manitoba Red River Rebellion.

Louis Riel led this rebellion, forcing the government to compromise, which resulted in the Manitoba Act.

When tensions later returned between the Métis and the government further west in Saskatchewan, the Métis brought their former savior to lead them again. This civic movement eventually turned into a rebellion known as the Northwest Rebellion. The Conservative government in Ottawa rallied an army to quell the rebellion, and eventually did so at the Battle of Batoche, held May 9-12, 1885.

Louis Riel went to court and was sentenced to death hanging on a rope for high treason.

In Treason! - The trial of Louis Riel, July 1885 you can enter the courtroom yourself during those five fateful days in July 1885. One player takes on the prosecution side and the other on the defense. Both try to determine the tragic fate of the accused throughout the entire process. They choose the jury, question witnesses, influence attitudes and also hold a plea that will determine the fate of this man and the future of Canada.

Treason! - The trial of Louis Riel, July 1885 is a card-controlled 2-player game by Alex Berry and originally by Victory Point Games. It will appear in German in May 2018.

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